Loot Crate: Dream Box

Loot Crate, the box subscription service for geeks, gamers, and nerds, wants to see what a perfect crate would look like to different nerds. The “Dream Box” they call it. Yeah, we are participating.

First of all, if you’ve never used Loot Crate before, then you need to head over to the site ASAP. A GREAT deal for a bunch of cool stuff to just magically show up on your doorstep every month!

Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 7.58.47 PM

We knew immediately that putting together another Harry Potter or Marvel Crate just wouldn’t do. (No offense to any of these. In fact, we will take all the HP and Marvel leftovers!) So, here you go:


6 items. Dream Items. These items are the items we would love to get out of a specially made Loot Crate: Dream Box

  1. The T-Shirt


Now, every Fandom needs the perfect tee. This is ours. Best of all three worlds.

2. Sherlock’s Coat & Scarf


Sherl’s coolest accessory, aside from his mind palace, is obviously his signature coat and scarf. We need this. RIGHT NOW. I want to literally just live in this all winter.

3. TARDIS Bluetooth Speaker


Because, duh! The TARDIS is the coolest thing on the planet as it is, why would I NOT want to listen to Pandora from the TARDIS?!

4. The Artwork

Because cool nerds own cool art.

5. SuperWhoLock Pendant


I am all about nerdy accessories. I love how subtle this is. I would definitely rock this year round.

6. The Special Bonus


Christmas is a big deal for our triumvirate. The Winchester’s had awful Christmases. Sherlock and Doctor Who usually get going again right around this time. Let’s celebrate by bringing this amazing sweatshirt to all of our Christmas parties and beyond.

So, there it is. Our Dream Box. What would you guys do? What would be in your Dream Boxes? Make your own blog posts and Loot Crate will probably get some great ideas.



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