Preacher, Y’all

Preacher is a bigger deal than you think.

This will be AMC’s latest comic book series brought to life, but it certainly ain’t The Walking Dead. If you’re looking for something similar, prepare to have your mind blown. Preacher is a Vertigo comic. These are darker, amazingly well-written, and unflinchingly raw. Vertigo has had famous authors writing for years (The Sandman by Neil Gaiman for one). Unlike TWD, Preacher cannot EVER get away from that hard-R rating. If the story remains true to the comics, and I do trust AMC, then you can expect the future of comics and the way we see them on cable to change. AMC will have to bend for Preacher. Here are some examples from the first comic:

(Trying to keep spoilers at bay for those who have not read)

Preacher will be a success no matter the level of gore, sex, and violence. Cable can finally handle it. In fact, cable has been moving this direction for a long time. Little boundaries have been pushed on AMC and Syfy specifically. Think about Mad Men, they eventually began to push for the occasional ‘shit’ and ‘goddamn’.

If you have been watching The Magicians recently, then you will see that not only is Syfy letting A LOT of shit out, but we even get an occasional f-bomb fully spoken. I don’t mind sentence enhancers. Real life comes with bad ideas and vulgarities. Preacher has an overflow of vulgarities to offer. The characters are interesting and the bad guy is legitimately terrifying. The story hasn’t been done before now and I believe it can surpass TWD. Yes, I said it.

Right now you have a little over a month to read some of the comics and to get to know the story if you want. I am glad I have done this, otherwise I might be a bit lost in May. I recommend finding them online or having your best buddy lend you their copies. I will obviously be blogging about it and you can message me directly with any questions.

Seriously, though, this show is not for everyone. You gotta check your hurt feelings at the door. EVERYONE is going to get blasted.

Preacher airs May 22 on AMC.




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