The People vs. Fangirls

Fangirls have negative and debasing arguments brought against them every day.  In fact, ever since Beatlemania, girls everywhere have been snubbed for being “too into” their hobbies. When I was younger, 15, I was in love with ‘N Sync – specifically JT. He was my man, I was going to marry him, and we would live happily ever after, the end. I think most girls have a period of time when they let hormones dictate their lives. It’s natural. I also think it was much healthier than putting those hormones into teenage boys who went to school with me. However, regardless of the situation, this is what fangirls are known for: hormonal and unnatural levels of like for a person, singer, band, movie, actor, etc.

I believe there are two types of fangirls: Children and women.


Just because a woman grows up, does not mean she stops loving her interests. Now, I don’t think I will marry JT, but I will always have a soft spot for him. My interests have changed; I have grown and changed. I have learned that I love an array of entertainment and find myself wholly invested in the storylines, plots, characters, songs, singers, musicians, writers, directors, and any other artist who makes me stop and take notice. Once again, I think this is a great way to stay connected with the world, while also living my life.

Being a woman and a fangirl is silly to some, and I get that. Judgements are harsh, though, and this blog was created to show you that being a fangirl is an inclusive, fun, and entertaining way of life. In fact, when we named our blog How to Fangirl, I knew we would be overlooked for a while.  Proving ourselves and our love of fandoms will be slow and steady, especially when building a following – and that’s okay. It may be more worthwhile.

How is my being a fangirl any different than every man waiting outside for Fallout 4? Forget the women who are waiting for a minute, and think about the men. These guys are not viewed as anything other than video gamers who want the latest game to play. Even the Nerdist featured a doctor’s excuse list for missing work today – mostly aimed at men. There are so many women gamers out there, and they are badass. They are up for the challenge and will fight alongside and against male opponents. Yet, the female is typically looked down upon, seeming only to be interested in games for the attention of gamer boys. Come on, it’s 2015; I know what I like, I like what I like and I don’t need the judgement that comes with it.

Here is what fangirls look like –

  • Mothers
  • Daughters
  • Sisters
  • Aunts
  • Best friends
  • The quiet girl down the line to get on the subway from you
  • The loud, proud, girl who loves her fandoms and shows them frequently
  • Students – any age

Did you know that I am a mother of two girls and yet I still love my passions? I don’t just get into SuperWhoLock; I also love Homeland, The Sopranos, and Mr. Robot – among others. Then we could discuss books; I am a reader through and through. I love books. I read to learn; I read for fun, I read for a challenge. Literature is my jam. It matters to me who Elizabeth Bennett is and why she matters. Lizbeth Salander is my present-day go-to-girl. Let’s not forget my absolute love of anything and everything Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy was the first girl role model I had; she taught me that it was okay to want a boyfriend, but to not need one. Women were and are tougher than men. I loved learning that inside of me, deep down, there was and is a fighter. Music has also been a big figurehead in my life. I never kept a diary; I didn’t need one. Start up a song and I will travel back in time and know exactly where I was in life and how good or bad the journey was. I was obsessed with understanding the lyrics to songs, knowing the bands, figuring out what they were about – I still am. I can talk to you about Radiohead and Thom Yorke for days, easily. Being a fangirl does not distract me from being a real human being. It just makes me a little more fun.

My point is this; a fangirl has so many positive qualities that you should be able to forgive that some of us were once hormonal inhuman teenagers who didn’t know what to do with our sexual awakening. We have grown into so much more than that. We are everyday people! I take care of my kids and work from home. This is great for my blog and all my obsessions. Yet, I still can be a human with real problems and real shit to do. I don’t live in fantasy land where I think The Doctor (10, of course) will show up on my doorstep and ask me to accompany him on his journeys in the TARDIS. I know that I will not get a letter to Hogwarts. I know that The Walking Dead is killing me right now. Guess what? I think this makes me and fangirls in general, awesome. Ask anyone, we are loyal. We are fun. We love a good story. What is so wrong with this?


6 thoughts on “The People vs. Fangirls

  1. Fangirls unite! From what I can tell, the fangirl aspects just mature with girl, like you said. As we grow up into women, it doesn’t mean we lose interests in the things we once loved, we just handle them more maturely. 😀

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  2. Very well said. I do think as women grow and mature our fandoms do as well. I was right there with you with N’Sync and BSB and growing up in Orlando I was extra OMG I’m going to die if I don’t marry them, etc, etc. I’m certainly not all crazed and hormonal like that over fandoms now, but I do wear my fandoms loud and proud 🙂

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    • That’s WHY I love my fellow fangirls. We should not be looked down on for being passionate. I honestly think the world is afraid of well read, loyal, intelligent, passionate women; the fact that we have an imagination must really burn! 😊 Also, I would have killed to live in Orlando during my ‘N Sync days!


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