The Scariest Books That Ever Were

Remember that time Joey had to hide The Shining in the freezer because it scared him?

Yeah, I totally understood his mentality. I love all things horror, and I have found that I am usually less afraid of a book. I have read a lot of books, so it takes a really scary book to terrify me. So, I always go into any scary book cocky. This book will suck. It will not be scary and I will be annoyed at letting myself finish it. Every now and then, though, my cockiness backfires in a way so horrifying that I actually consider putting the damn book in the freezer while I take a break.


Here are my favorite and truly terrifying scary books. If you’re a fan of horror, then add them to your Goodreads immediately:

Night Film by Marisha Pessl – This book is about the cult following of a horror movie maker, Stanislas Cordova. Cordova was last seen 30 years ago. Journalist Scott McGrath has his own ties to Cordova. Once it is found out that Ashley Cordova (Stanislas daughter) has been found dead, McGrath immediately begins to investigate. This book feels like an acid trip at times. You are searching for an enigma with the feeling that hell is always just around the corner.



The Shining by Steven King – So, there was one particular part in this book that terrified me; unfortunately I was in the bathtub at the time (yes, I am a bath reader) and had no way to get out easily and had to force myself to finish said part. There are plenty of parts to this book that are silly to me: I don’t care about the psychic viewpoint, though I understand why it is in the book. The father who is an alcoholic was not too scary, either. The isolation was scary, though.



The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty – I have some good news for you, the movie got a bit of this book wrong.  However, the possession of a child is pretty terrifying. Especially when you consider that this book is based on a true account. The book still keeps you on-edge, but you end it better than you ended the movie. At least that is my opinion.



House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski – Damn you, Danielewski! This book is TERRIFYING!!!!! First of all, it is a story inside a story inside a story, so you never feel like you are balanced. There are all kinds of weird components to the book. A blind man made a movie about a house which is larger inside than out. The word house is always in blue. There are pages that take a mirror to read. There are entire sentences of the book that are one word per page. A lot of people complain of feeling claustrophobic after reading this book. I felt exactly the opposite. I HAD to make myself stop reading when the rooms started to elongate on their own inside my own home. This book is nothing you think it is.

Fun facts:

  • I listened to Doves Lost Souls album while I read this book. That album is now ruined for me.
  • Also, I once dropped it in the bathtub during an intensely scary part. I figured my book was ruined and was kind of glad. NOPE. That bastard dried perfectly. No pages stuck together. No ink bled. My book now has a wavy appearance to it. So, basically, this book is indestructible.



Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk – Guess what? I was prepared for a Palahniuk book. They are always gory and unsettling. I was NOT prepared for this book. In fact, it was so disgusting that I had to quit the book entirely. I’ve never done that before. I had to choose between losing my mind, puking, and being stuck with these graphic images in my brain forever, or going back to the light. I chose the light.

(It is said that people passed out during Palahniuk’s live reading of his chapter, Guts, in this book.)



There are tons of horror books that I still want to read. Give me suggestions!!!

9 thoughts on “The Scariest Books That Ever Were

    • Oh man. I’m a girl and I swear I knew exactly what that boy felt. I may have stopped after that one. The dummies who were child-sized for teaching or helping kids was just really really sickening


  1. There are so many layers to House of Leaves. It’s a book with notes from the publisher about the book that was edited by Johnny with his own footnotes about him slowly losing his mind while he was editing the manuscript he found from the crazy blind guy about a movie which may or may not exist about a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist exploring his supernatural house and dealing with his own personal demons. It’s incredible how the book is it’s own labyrinth in so many ways.

    I would also suggest “Pickman’s Model” by HP Lovecraft as a particularly spooky story, though it’s a short story and not a novel. Try to pick it up in a book that also has “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” and “The Colour Out of Space”.

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    • Yes! Nick! Remember the entire chapter on the mathematical equation behind an echo? I was so confused and annoyed until later. HoL really is an amazing read. I’ve been meaning to read Lovecraft for years, I will try to find his complete works. I don’t think it will be too hard to find these 3 stories. Thank you for your recommendations!


  2. There’s a book from the 1980’s called “The Elementals”. It’s written by Michael McDowell. Isolated, creepy house being swallowed by a sand dune. Inside the house there are people with black eyes and white pupils. It is next to 2 normal houses. It stays quiet most of the time, but when it wakes up, look out!

    “I Remember You” by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Once again, an isolated house. The house is being renovated into a hunting lodge, or so the owners think. The ghost in the house has other ideas.


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