5 Shows You Should Definitely Skip the Last Seasons

Sometimes, the best shows go bad. This is a sad, sad day. Nothing is as sad as when your favorite show suddenly becomes terrible. Here are some of the shows I wished would have ended a season sooner. And, just to rub salt in the wound, here’s how the shows should have ended.


How I Met Your Mother – There was so much build up to find our “mother” that when we finally met her and all of her awesomeness, they SCREWED US COMPLETELY BY KILLING HER OFF!!!!!!!!!!! You know, I can even be okay with her DYING. I CANNOT be okay with Ted and Robin ending up together. You can’t set me up to be okay with Robin and Barney, and then screw that up. How can you make me watch a show for damn near 10 years for a love story between Ted and the kids’ mother and then have him end up with ROBIN?! NO.

How it should have ended – Ted Mosby dies alone. His “kids” are figments of his imagination. We have been listening to the ramblings of Danny Tanner, basically. That I could have dealt with.

True Blood – Remember that time when EVERYTHING was nearly perfect at the end of Season 6? Sookie was with the very attractive Alcide. Sam was not the Mayor of Bon Temps. He had not sold Merlotte’s to Arlene. Tara was happily alive and loved Pam. Eric and other vampires got rid of The Authority, Bill’s short stint as vampire god was finished. The vamps even got to play in the sunshine for a little bit.. Then Season 7 happened. Sookie ends up with an UNKNOWN man who impregnated her. Sure, we see the back of his head as he kisses her, but dammit, that was LAME. The ENTIRE SERIES ENDS WITHOUT US EVER KNOWING WHAT HAPPENED TO HER. TB Season 7 was possibly the worst season of television ever.

How it should have ended – Technically, I would have ended the series with the departure of Alan Ball back at the end of Season 5, but no one asked me. So, in my mind, the ridiculous Season 7 never happened. Ever. True Blood ended at the end of Season 6.

Angel – Angel was doing okay up until Season 5. I realize that Joss Whedon sort of unintentionally screwed us with Angel, but that doesn’t make it okay. The final season, the final episode, Angel, Spike, and crew rush off to fight to their deaths, probably. We literally end staring our favorite heros in the face while they look on at their impending deaths. Sure, some people (like Caitlin) decided that didn’t happen; If it didn’t air, then it never happened. I’m not one of those people. Spike just died. Fuck you guys.

How it should have ended – Buffy and the remaining Scoobies, plus all the new/other slayers show up and saved Angel’s ass (again). Then, Buffy and Spike lived happily ever after. They never had vamp babies or anything, but they are happy. Angel went on to brood at Wolfram & Hart for the rest of his existence.

Lost – Okay, take this show that was amazing for at least 4 straight seasons, and then completely ruin it. I accepted the time travel twist. I accepted the many deaths. I accepted the bomb shelter, because Desmond. However, after so many great seasons, the show just tanked. Ben Linus. Jacob. The Man in Black. The island is alive. The smoke monster is real. Charlie died and it’s NOT PENNY’S BOAT! Locke is bad, but wait, Locke is dead. Season 7 really ruined it when we found out that yes, the Oceanic flight DID crash. There were survivors. Somehow, they got off the island, BUT not before they made a way to meet back up after each of them died. Yep. The island was their heaven? Purgatory? I have no idea. We end the show with the same shot we began it with. Jack’s eye.

How it should have ended – Everyone died when the plane crashed and I didn’t waste 6 years of my life. The end.

Dexter – Okay. Let’s be honest. Dexter probably should’ve ended before it did. However for me personally, if it had ended 3 MINUTES sooner, I’d have been satisfied with the ending. Fuck lumberjack Dexter. He should’ve died in the hurricane. How dare you be alive and abandon your family. Dick.

How it should have ended – Dexter dies despondently during deliberations to decide if he was dreaming.

What do you think? Are there any shows you wish had ended earlier?

6 thoughts on “5 Shows You Should Definitely Skip the Last Seasons

  1. LOST and True Blood broke my heart. With LOST, they never answered so many critical questions. With True Blood, they killed Tara and I was freaking done! SMH.

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