HTFG’s Women of October: The Sanderson Sisters!

October is my favorite month. Scary movies galore accompanied by cooler temperatures and falling leaves; there is no better time of the year. Halloween makes me giddy. Nope, I am not 15. I’m double that. I don’t plan on growing out of my love for this holiday anytime soon, either. I am going to Claire Dunphy Halloween for the rest of my life, probably.

One woman was not going to cut it for our first Woman of October, not at all. We have 3 women who help to make this time of year the best.



Hocus Pocus came out in 1993. Omri Katz was the cutest boy ever. Hocus Pocus was my jam! In fact, I blame Hocus Pocus for my fascination with celebrating Halloween in Salem.

hocus pocus pumpkins

I would also take Walt Disney World, just saying.

The Sanderson Sisters were my favorite part of Hocus Pocus, though. (Come on, you know you love Thackery Binx better as a cat.)


Honestly, was it that terrible that they needed the life force of a child to stay young? This was the 1600’s! Unwanted children had to be everywhere! The sisters just made a mistake by taking the wrong child. Obviously, I would want to stay young forever, too. Who cares if a few children go missing..

First, we have big sister Winifred (don’t call her old or refer to her as the oldest, trust me). Winnie loves her spellbook – “Book” as he is lovingly known throughout the movie. He holds all of the spells, including the life force stealing spell. Winnie also happens to be the smartest of the sisters.

Next, we have middle sister, Mary. Mary hates candy, and can smell children. This is a good tool to have when you need the life force of the young to keep you young and alive.

Last, we have Sarah. The youngest Sanderson Sister loves boys, flirting, dancing, and her special skill is singing. She can lure children to her with her beautiful voice. Sarah is pretty, but a little dumb.

So, we should all know the story; the Sisters are hanged for stealing the life force of one of the more affluent children in the village and turning her brother into a cat. The Binx family avenges the death(s) by taking the lives of the witches. Winnie, however, casts a spell that on Halloween night when the moon is full a virgin will summon them back from the dead so they can claim all the lives of the children in Salem.

Jump ahead 300 years to Halloween in Salem; Max Dennison and family have just moved to Salem and Max is a teenager who resents being uprooted from California and thrown into the Northeast.

(Idiot. Don’t you understand how amazing Massachusetts is?!)

He tries and fails to hit on the hot girl in school, Allison, and is then accosted and robbed of his shoes by Jay and the newly minted “Ice” (formerly Ernie).

All in all, Max is having a pretty terrible day. To top it all off, his little sister, Dani, demands that Max take her trick-or-treating since their parents will be attending the local Halloween party. Max takes Dani against his will. Unfortunately, he has another run-in with Jay and “Ice” which just embarrasses him further. Eventually, Max and Dani end up meeting up with Allison, the three go to the old Sanderson house. Apparently, in Salem, they keep old, cursed homes just in case someone wants to complete a prophecy. Max, trying to prove to Allison how manly he is, lights the candle. Max, a virgin, lights the candle on a full-moon Halloween and fulfills the prophecy.

Now, the fun starts!

The witches are back for one night only! They have only until sunrise to fulfill the curse and live forever. If not, they have to go back to hell. Obviously, the sisters run amok through the town.

They even meet Satan and his lovely wife; unfortunately they temporarily lose their brooms and have no idea how to use public transportation.

They chase Max, Allison, and Dani all night. Max tries to get help from his parents, but the sisters put a spell on the crowd by singing a fairly awesome song that will not allow them to stop dancing. Can we just take a moment to realize how awesome this Halloween party is?

The night runs out and the sisters do not make the goal, but they do give us a hell of a Halloween night that I never tire of watching. Yes, Max gets the girl. And, the saddest part of the movie occurs: Thackery is turned back into a real boy/ghost. Thackery the cat will be missed.

Winifred is my spirit-animal.

  But so are Sarah and Mary  Happy October!

13 thoughts on “HTFG’s Women of October: The Sanderson Sisters!

  1. I like Hocus Pocus, but when you get a chance could you do The Witches. I havent introduced it to my niece yet, but I will this month. She’s a little young for Witches of Eastwick but I love that movie and would love for you to review that one. There are so many Women of Halloween to do. The final girls of various slasher movies and the Addams Women.
    Yep! October is one of my favorite months, too.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sure! I LOVE scary anything. Do you have any others? Would you mind emailing me any that you love? I am always up for a new scare! The Witches with Angelica Huston and the boy turned into a mouse was a favorite as well! Witches of Eastwick is in my top 3 Witch movie category! Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming movie, The Witch?


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