Nine Reasons We LOVE The Ninth Doctor

Okay. So Leah and I put off watching Doctor Who for ENTIRELY too long.. Leah took some time to fall in love with The Doctor, but I was on board from the beginning. So, since we both finally agree that this show is amazing, here is a small sampling of how and why it was so easy to fall in love with The Ninth Doctor.


1. Sass

I love me some good, old-fashioned sass, and our first Doctor on the reboot has got PLENTY.


2. Adventurous

Look, he’s a Time Lord. He’s the last Time Lord. It’s his job to be adventurous; however, he surprises me with the amount of adventure he is always willing to go on:

3. He’s Optimistic

The Ninth Doctor has seen it all. Don’t you think that after all he has seen, he would be more than happy to give up on life and people and aliens? No, this makes him work even harder to find the good in people, aliens, and situations.

4. His Righteous Anger

Let’s be honest, The Doctor has a lot to be pissed off about. His entire race is dead. His home is gone. He can’t just have a nice relaxing day at the beach because billions of people would die. But hot damn the Ninth is good at expressing his anger. Just DON’T say dalek.

5. Rose

This is when we first meet the adorable Rose Tyler. We see her change our hardened Ninth Doctor into a softer, more human version of himself. We see him start to really care for Rose and even sacrifice himself to save her in the end. (Even if that was just momentarily).

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6. He’s Decisive

When the Ninth Doctor makes a decision, he follows through. Even when he doesn’t know the outcome. (Or does he?)


7. He’s Understanding

Remember that time Rose ruined THE WORLD by saving her father? She really pissed Nine off, however, he accepted her apology and moved on. No one likes someone who holds a grudge*

8. He’s Confident

I mean, who else is going to be confident for him?

9. He’s Fantastic




We’ll end on that note. He was awesome. Let’s hear what you think… WITHOUT SPOILERS PLEASE!

Oh… and reason 9 1/2?



15 thoughts on “Nine Reasons We LOVE The Ninth Doctor

  1. I’ve only watched to to end of series 2. I have trouble going back to if after the incident at the end of series 2. It made me cry. 😦

    I love both doctor, but the 9th doctor will always hold a special place in my heart. He was hardened but soft with Rose. The father’s day episode made me cry, especially when he sacrificed himself in order for Rose to keep her father. I definitely love him so hard, even if we only got 1 short series with him.

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  2. Thank you for giving nine some love! I don’t think enough people really appreciated Christopher Eccleston. He was the first doctor in about 16 years and he was able to bring in a whole new fandom to the series with his charm. I know people love Tennant the best, but people were watching Tennant because they were pulled in by Eccleston first.

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    • I COMPLETELY agree with this! I would’ve never continued with the series if I hadn’t enjoyed my first Doctor and I’m sure many other people are the same way. I’ve read things telling interested parties to skip Nine all together!! Leah almost did!! No way! You’d miss so much of the Doctor’s character development. Love Nine. Always will! ❤️ -Cait

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  3. I don’t consider Nine to be “my” Doctor, but the fact remains that Nine brought in the modern era of Who. He laid the foundation, and he got everyone interested in the show. He’s so important to the series. Also, if you don’t love Nine and Rose then I submit you have no heart. 😉

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    • Yes!!! Nine and Rose were GREAT!! Ten will forever be “my” Doctor. I don’t think he can ever be replaced. Especially after the severe meltdown (including full blown sobs and inhuman noises) I had last night after Ten regenerated into Eleven. He will always have my ❤️. -Caitlin


      • Eleven’s mine–though, if I’m honest, I realize I “fall in love” with every Doctor for different reasons. Eleven was just my “gateway Doctor”. 🙂 Watching your fave Doctor regenerate is ALWAYS ugly cry-inducing. It doesn’t matter how long its been or how many times you see it. SO MANY FEELS.

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      • I honestly have no idea if I will ever be able to watch that episode again… I mean.. Let’s be honest, we all know I will… But I’ll probably sob some more. No show/movie has ever made me cry the way that episode made me cry!! I do really like Eleven so far but I’m pretty sure Ten will just always be my Doctor. Lol -Caitlin

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  4. While Ten is my fave, I think Nine is highly underrated. He grows on you, whether you like it or not, and you will never say the word Fantastic! again and not think of him. Plus, he brought this show back – he was the first of the reboot, and that is definitely not something to be ignored!

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