HTFG’s Woman of the Month of September: Hermione Granger

So many things changed in my life when I decided to read Harry Potter. There were a lot of surprises even though I had seen the movies, for instance: September 1st is now the meanest day of the year. Why? BECAUSE I AM A MUGGLE WHO WILL NEVER GO TO HOGWARTS. (Sobs)


It’s September. It’s time for a new woman. Obviously you can see where I am going here:

Hermione Granger, Gryffindor, smartest girl in Hogwarts, and our pick for Woman of September:


Let’s face it, Hermione may have started off as a child, but she was never anything less than woman. Seriously. Yes, we meet her when she is 11, but she’s still smarter than her fellow students. Hermione Jean Granger was born September 19, 1979 to a pair of dentists. Her parents may have been muggles, but they were always proud of Hermione’s magical abilities.

Why do we love her?

Hermione taught girls everywhere that studying is good. Knowledge is good; being smart matters more than being popular. Sure, she was bookish. Sure, she was a know-it-all. But, in her defense, she did know it all. She made sure she studied long hours and kept on top of her studies. Nothing was just given to Hermione; she worked very hard to become an excellent witch. Harry and Ron were lucky they had her. Imagine all the ways every plan would have gone wrong without Hermione.

Hermione Granger wasn’t just intelligent, she was also thoughtful. She single-handedly put together S.P.E.W. in response to learning about house elves and their living conditions. In fact, after a long, long battle of sheer stubbornness and ignorance with other witches and wizards, Hermione was proven right when The Black Family House Elf, Kreacher, began to help Harry, Ron, and Hermione instead of holding on to The Black’s old prejudices. The movies robbed Hermione of this moment, and I will never forgive them for not giving her the applause she deserved. House elves were not her only form of activism; remember Buckbeak the hippogriff? Yep, with the help of a time-turner, she was able to save our favorite hippogriff from being killed, which, in turn kept our favorite giant from crying. Also, Dumbledore’s Army would never have been formed without Hermione backing it, scheduling the practices, and believing in Harry enough that he had the confidence to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, even if only in secret. She also thought ahead enough to manage to put protective spells on what the DA were doing.

What good is an activist who cannot stand up and fight? Hermione may have been book smart, but she was also strong-willed. Once a girl who loved to follow the rules, she threw that aside for the greater cause when she became friends with Harry and Ron. She was hurt many times during Voldemort’s reign. Bellatrix even tortured her, once, but still Hermione remained a true friend who could handle the bad times. When Ron got upset during the searching of the horcruxes in The Deadly Hallows, he left. This broke Hermione’s heart because she would never leave a friend during a battle. She never left Harry’s side during that last year, which would have been her last year at Hogwart’s. She gave up the last year of her schooling to make sure she gave Harry all of her help and attention. She was a genius with that purse. She packed ahead and knew that when danger came, she, Harry, and Ron would be ready at a moment’s notice. (She also made the year up the following September.)

If not for Hermione, I am not sure Harry would have been able to defeat Voldemort. She is probably the only witch currently alive who has read Hogwart’s, A History, and that one book alone helped the group several times.history_by_katelynphotography-d7tnsqk

Hermione fell in love and had her heart broken. She dated Viktor Krum for a small time during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, even accompanying him to the Yule Ball. Viktor was the Tri-Wizard opponent from Durmstrang. Viktor was also a celebrity in the wizarding world; he was the seeker for the Bulgarian quidditch team. She liked Viktor, but never much more than in a friendly way. Hermione loved Ron. Ron, whom we all know has the emotional range of a teaspoon, was constantly breaking Hermione’s heart. I appreciated that she was human enough to feel the pain, but logical enough to not let it blind her entirely. Hermione figured out relationships and boys much sooner than I did. Unbeknownst to Ron until he saw her with Krum, Hermione had blossomed into a beautiful woman. Come on, all of us loved seeing her in her gown.

 We also loved it when she told Ron off. Every. Single. Time.



And also, this:

 Hermione was loyal. She saw the battle through. She remained friends with Harry. She married Ron. She has lived a great life. I’m so glad my kids can read about her instead of Hannah Montana.

4 thoughts on “HTFG’s Woman of the Month of September: Hermione Granger


    I can’t wait until I have a daughter and can read her Harry Potter and hopefully have her love Hermione as much as I did. Hermione changed my life. I loved that she could be a best friend with Harry as well, and have no romantic entanglements with him. I thought that was also a key part of her character and something we don’t see all the time. And when Snape would take away points just because she had the right answer and he was vindictive….GAH IT MADE ME SO MAD.

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