The 10 Reasons I’d Choose Chibs Telford Over Jax Teller

So I’ve been a little out of the loop. After months and months of approximately 6 friends begging, I have finally started and finished Sons of Anarchy. The thing about this show that struck me the most is that EVERYONE is in love with Jax Teller. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I just want to lick his beard” or “OMG dat ass” in the last month. I get it. Charlie Hunnam is hot AF.  However… Jax Teller? Kind of a dick. I’m not sure I could handle being an “Old Lady.” If I was, though, I for sure wouldn’t be Jax’s Old Lady. I’d pick a much better man.
He’d treat me as good as his leather, and ride me as much as his Harley… 
1.) I wouldn’t be dead
Let’s just say… Jax’s love interests are either junkies.. or dead. Sure, he loved Tara and that’s nice and all.. but we all knew the girl was going to die. Did I cry? Well yeah. But Jax didn’t do enough to prevent that. You know who also had a wife? Chibs. You know what else? SHE’S STILL ALIVE. Even after Chibs was kicked out of the True IRA and Jimmy O stole his wife and kid, they were alive. And when they came back to the U.S.? Or when SAMCRO was in Belfast? Guess what.. CHIBS MADE SURE THEY WERE STILL ALIVE.
2.) I would be treated NICELY.
Jax was NEVER CONSISTENTLY NICE TO TARA! He killed ONE stalker for her and she caved. Gave up her nice, normal, profitable life for an old life of hell with Jax. He was inconsiderate, angry, and he screwed around on her. You know who was nice? Chibs. Remember when he started banging the good Sheriff? HE WAS NICE TO HER. He didn’t just yell at her or tell her to go away. He probably seduced her pants off and then cuddled with her afterwards.
3.) Literally everything he says, sound sexy.
yes, even that.
I am a complete sucker for a good accent. Especially anything Irish/Scottish. I live in Oklahoma where 90% of people are Native American, even if it’s just a little bit. Me? None that I know of. Not one bit. Just Irish. Which I’ve always loved about myself (the Irish part not the non-Native American thing). So that sexy Glasgow accent? Hits. The. Spot. SWOON.
4.) The sex is probably amazeballs
tumblr_nritfgWQWc1u1rbjxo2_400 tumblr_nel6c7ZcZ61rcyewro5_500
We all know bad boys are good in bed. I’m sure Teller is awesome. However you know what? I bet Chibs is better. I bet he would know exactly where all the right buttons are and how to throw you across the room like a friggin’ gentleman.
5.) He would never almost bang his sister.

(We’re looking at you, Jax.)

 2 Examples:
  • I think Chibs is smarter than Jax and would know not to mix business with pleasure, especially since he didn’t even know the girl.
  • Chibs wouldn’t just bang the first girl he found in Belfast while looking for HIS MISSING SON. He would be concerned about finding his SON. Because he’s better.
6.) Scars are hot. 
Jax got shanked in county. I’ll give you that. But really? No comparison. Those little baby scratches aren’t anywhere near as important.. The Glasgow Smile makes Chibs (and Tommy Flanagan – since it’s totally not make up.. it’s 100% real) super tough and therefore super sexy.
7.) He would be a GREAT drinking buddy.
He’s a Scot. he’s obviously good at drinking. But he’s hilarious and would totally put up with your drunken giggles and would probably just light you a cigarette and tell you to shut up, then wink at you.
8.) He would take care of you and do everything for you.
Chibs is a MAN. He would make sure his Old Lady was always taken care of and always had all of her needs and desires fulfilled. Which is something every woman should value.
9.) He knows how to voice and show his feelings.
There’s nothing worse than a man who can’t show a single emotion. Chibs has a full range and knows absolutely how to tell you he loves you – and he’s not afraid to show you, either.
10.) He’s downright adorable. 
Even Chucky knows what’s up.

21 thoughts on “The 10 Reasons I’d Choose Chibs Telford Over Jax Teller

  1. Crying at throw you across the room like a gentleman!! Yes! As a female I can agree, if your going to get thrown across the room by anyone, it must be one that is gentlemanly. I’ve not seen this show but I thoroughly enjoyed reading your feels lol

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  2. “throw you across the room like a friggin’ gentleman” Hahahaahah I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. I felt the same way when I started the series on Netflix…all I’d ever heard of was “Jax Teller this” and “Jax Teller that” and I was feeling super weird off in my own little world like BUT THAT CHIBS THO.

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  3. Perfection. I’m only through Season 1 now and love the show (I prefer to binge-watch). 🙂 I found this blog post from indulging my obsession with Chibs. I could not have written a better list myself, and even though I do also have a lot of love for Opie, Chibs is my No. 1 for sure.

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