Boys of Summer: Week 11

We’re back! GIsHWheS 2015 was pretty crazy. Caitlin and I were NOT prepared for all of the crazy. We gave it our best, though, and will have a post on it later. We learned a slew of things for next year, though! Back to our regularly scheduled routine!

Jake Gyllenhaal 

Jake has been a favorite of mine FOREVER. Jake wins. At everything. All the time. I have loved all of his movies, and as he gets older, he picks more challenging roles. Look guys, Jake is EVERYTHING. He performs plays, acts in movies, and even helped with a music video. Is there anything he can’t do? Need movie suggestions? Try Donnie Darko (The Director’s Cut version -trust me it makes more sense), Enemy, Nightcrawler, Southpaw – honestly, anything he’s done. Yes, even Bubble Boy. I appreciate his body of work…

From The Shoes, “Time to Dance” music video.

John Cho 

John has been in SO much. The reboot of Star Trek is probably the biggest role he is involved in, he’s Sulu. Needless to say, we will be seeing him much more. Also, Sleepy Hollow! A lot of great actors have been on that show..Remember when Harold & Kumar went to White Castle? Yeah! John is adorable. We love him. You can currently watch him on the show, Selfie. Seriously, I can’t see him and NOT smile. Funny is sexy.

Idris Elba

I need you to know that I JUST STARTED Luther. I can’t stop. It’s AMAZING!!!! Idris is easily one of my favorite actors; I hope he becomes the next James Bond. He could totally do that role justice. Plus, man, he’s sexy. Did I mention he’s British? No, well, you may have known that. If not, just know the accent is perfection. He’s scheduled for A LOT of upcoming movies. Just look at the link. I’m very excited to watch more of his work!

J. August Richards 

You have seen Mr. Richards in tons of stuff. Most recently he has been a recurring character on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, he’s also been on Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, and The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. He’s another beautiful man who MUST be on our list. YOU ARE WELCOME!

Alexander Skarsgard

I mean, who doesn’t love Eric the Viking? As it turns out, Alexander is quite a bit like Eric, minus the blood sucking part. (Yay!!!) Skarsgard is the son of Stellen, and actually comes from a GIGANTIC acting family. Alex is going to be the upcoming Tarzan!! He is most noted from his part on True Blood, which is a show you watch for the men, NOT the story –  at least not after Season 4. I’m glad he’s going to keep acting… forever.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

Come on, we’ve all loved him our whole lives! Whether it was 3rd Rock From the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You, or any of the plethora of other shows and movies he did, he’s always been the best. He changed everything when he starred in Brick. After taking time off to go to school, he came back with a mission. Since then he has been in anything worth watching. From The Dark Knight trilogy (he’s only in the last one), to Inception, to (500) Days of Summer, to (my favorite) Hesher, or Looper, or Lincoln, or 50/50, or his first directorial debut, Don Jon – he’s been in everything great. You can catch him collaborate with artists everywhere on hitRECord. I mean ALL artists, YOU can sign up and help make something for an upcoming show (on Pivot), or a book. AND YOU GET PAID! Seriously, how many actors do you know of that actually want help to create something worthwhile? Season 1 of hitRECord is currently on Netflix. Watch it immediately, if only to help the artists get more cash!

What do you think? Do you agree?

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