Caitlin’s Comic Con Chronicles : Saturday – Day 4

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I know it’s taken me like a ridiculously long time to really give you guys my Comic Con story but if I could honestly explain to you how hectic my life has been, I feel like you’d understand!

Saturday started out with some cosplay for us!

excited face

This was Daryl Dixon day!

dd dd back(I’ll post some more detailed shots of my vest later and how I made it)

After walking around the floor for a few hours we decided to check out the Next Day Line for Hall H. Supernatural was Sunday morning so we knew lining up the night before was pretty necessary for good seats. The line wasn’t too bad so we sat and ate lunch. By the time we looked up it had grown.. so me.. being the die hard SPN fan you all know and love, decided to say screw it, I’m getting in line..

dd tank

line line photo

One thing I’ll say about San Diego.. If I sat in the sun in a line starting at 4 pm in Oklahoma, I’d have died of a head stroke. In San Diego? I was completely comfortable! Rhiannon left to go home to change and grab us some necessities – since we weren’t planning on lining up that early in the day.

She came back, we got dinner, chatted with our line neighbors (one of which was awesome enough to have recorded the entire Joss Whedon panel and let me watch it – SO awesome), and hung out.

Soon, Misha tweeted…

tweet pizza

Needless to say, everyone in line saw this around the same time, so commotion ensued.




SAMSUNG CSCYep! Misha delivered pizza on a friggin pedicab with a trailer full of pizzas!

It was glorious!

SAMSUNG CSCThen after that? Guess who showed up!?!


Remember those two?!


After all that commotion, sometime around 11 they started condensing the line to get us moved into the tents! We got our wristbands and moved over in front of Hall H!

I had to run back after that to the house to shower (you know – get all the dirt from Daryl cosplay off my face) and grab some things to wear for the next day!

I walked back around 2, and FINALLY laid down around 3 only to be woken up at 5 am to condense the line some more!!

So worth it though because we were so close!!!

More on Sunday soon!!!!

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