HTFG’s Woman of August: Zoe Washburne

It’s officially August. It’s hot. I’m pretty sure everything is scorched or dead. Fall sounds amazing about now… School is going to be starting up again soon. Vacation time is over. It’s time to get back to work. I feel like I have to become a drill sergeant to get myself and family back into school and work mode. August needs a strong woman.


A Big Damn Heroine!

Zoe Washburne

(Cait and I have been excited to dedicate a month to Zoe, and I think August is perfect.)

Unfortunately, we only had 1 Season of Firefly followed by the movie, Serenity, to get to know Zoe.


Here’s what we know:

Zoe was born vesselside; she was born after Earth died. Zoe joined the Unification War as a Browncoat. She served under Captain Mal, becoming a Corporal. She’s his right hand woman. His go-to gal. She and Mal lost the war and were captured during The Battle of Serenity Valley. After being held captive for a time, the Alliance let the surviving Browncoats free. Zoe wasn’t interested in lying down though, she continued to rebel by joining a “terrorist” organization – the Dust Devils. The Dust Devils continued to fight against the Alliance Peacekeepers. We can just file Zoe under “Stubborn”.

 Eventually, Zoe and Mal met back up when she agreed to help him with his hijinks aboard Serenity. Here, Zoe met Wash. (Stifles sob)

If you haven’t watched Firefly or Serenity, then you need to rethink your life choices.

If Captain Mal was the heart of the series, then Zoe was the brain. I think Zoe was probably the most sensible person on the ship.

First of all, she would never leave a member of the crew behind

She trusted her captain

 But, she chose her husband

She fought bravely by Mal’s side

 Even though it sometimes drove Wash crazy

Even after losing everything, she remained strong. She is the woman I want to fight with if Earth ever dies. Thanks Zoe, for being so amazing. Thanks, Joss, for killing Wash before his time. Ugh!

 Just know, that after the events of Serenity, Zoe found out she was pregnant with a girl. You can read all about it in the comics.

Also, just a reminder, Con Man is going to happen this fall. Zoe, well Gina Torres, will make an appearance!

Hold on! I need to thank Caitlin for making me watch Firefly. She’s a real best friend. If you disagree she will make you do what she wants anyway.

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