Caitlin’s Comic Con Chronicles : Friday – Day 3

So I’ve blogged on Preview Night and Thursday..

Now let me tell you about FRIDAY!

Friday we got off to a SUPER late start because SOMEONE (*cough* Rhiannon *cough*) had a hella hangover. I couldn’t hate. We’d been up till around 5 am and I was pretty beat too. Rhi’s awesome aunt Sarah flew in late thursday night so she joined us Friday morning. She and I hung out and had some wine while Rhi napped until about 2 o’clock. Then we all decided to get ready for the day and go to the convention for a few hours before getting ready for the BIG night ahead of us.

Sarah and I decided to dress up. Last minute. So my Spike cosplay wasn’t quite as amazing as I had wanted it to be but it would work. (I’m not that grumpy in real life.. I was trying to be in character – sheesh)

spike2 spike1

We set out for the Con. I won’t lie, that damn leather duster was hot as hell. I mean – it was better than if I’d worn it back home in Oklahoma weather but it was still toasty..

We saw some more groups:


The last one is my favorite sign ever I think and I’m not even homosexual in the least. It is perfect.

We walked around for a bit, saw some really great cosplay, showed Sarah around AND found her a great wig for her FREAKIN PERFECT Kim Possible costume:


Then we headed back to Rhi’s to get pretty for the evening ahead.

Oh yeah… On the way out? Ran into this guy:

Yeah. Thats Dwight Howard. As Predator.

First on the agenda for our Friday night..

Dude Bro Party Massacre III.

A few of Rhiannon’s friends were involved in the making of and acting in this epic film. And we had a freakin’ blast watching it. I definitely cried many a tear from intense laughter. Loved it


FullSizeRender 38

After this? We headed here:


To Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ Friday Party… (I capitalized all of those because it was that important). This was a 0 press party and not many photos were taken so sorry for the lack of documentation but I can’t express to you how amazing it was. It was also apparently one of the 6 Comic-Con Party Invites Worth Chasing in 2015. Boom.

A friend of Rhiannon’s (she has a lot of them) was pretty much running this shin dig and was able to score us entrance. I’m not lying when I say I recognized someone literally everywhere I went. Off the top of my head we saw Missy Pyle, Ron Pearlman, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, Seth Green, Stephen Amell, Tyler Posey, Orlando Jones, etc etc etc.. Joss Whedon was apparently there dancing his tail off and I MISSED IT. I’ll never forgive myself for not dancing with Joss. Also I locked eyes with Nathan Fillion and REALLY should’ve talked to him but I said “Nah, he just got here, I’ll let him settle in and I’ll be ‘that girl’ later”… Then I never saw him again… *sigh*

However it was a SERIOUSLY amazing party. Open bar. Great music. Good people.

IMG_1431 IMG_1430 IMG_1429 2 IMG_1428 2 IMG_1427 IMG_1426


And on the plus side?

IMG_1434 IMG_1435

Super nice and funny!


Didn’t take many pictures in there but I did shoot a tiny video of the sweet Zachary Levi telling everyone goodnight

Then it was over 😦

IMG_1440 2

(Thats Gary and I – I need you people to be honest.. totally resembles Jeffery Dean Morgan ammiright?)

After we left, we noticed Orlando Jones sitting on a bench nearby. In my less than sober state, I looked at Rhi and said “Should I say hi?” and she I believe said “yep”. So I did.

This won’t be verbatim because again, less than sober..

Me: Hey! I don’t want to be that dick but can I get a picture with you?

Orlando Jones: I don’t wanna know about your dick.

Me: Um.. No.. I mean.. I don’t have one of those…

Orlando Jones: Im just saying I don’t care if you do or if you don’t…

He was hilarious. And very down to earth. Obviously

IMG_1441 IMG_1445 IMG_1443 IMG_1442

I had to borrow those specs.. at 2 am.. it was absolutely necessary.

So we pretty much became BFFs on that bench outside the Nerd HQ party.




I was still down to keep partying but I got vetoed which, in everyones defense was probably good. We hadn’t slept much and we had some pretty good buzzes going.

Best Friday ever.


PS – All photos noted “Rhiannon” were taken by Rhi and you can check out more of her photos by clicking on her name. All the others are mine unless otherwise noted 🙂

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