Boys of Summer Week 9!

It’s Sunday!

Know what that means? Time to cheer you up before you have to go back to school/work/responsibilities/pants/bras tomorrow. With HOT MEN!

Ki Hong Lee

This one may have a baby face but he’s 28. Unfortunately off the market but totally pretty. Also doing pretty well after scoring The Maze Runner and its upcoming sequel b196e53fb2df73b9a37f854c63477671 Cul-Film-AS14-KHLee11-e1411792970867

Sam Claflin

You can’t not love Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair. I mean sure he’s been in TONS of other things and he’s adorable in real life also.. but if you can resist Finnick, you’re crazy…



Charles Michael Davis

You most likely known him from the CW series The Originals. Although I don’t watch this show, this fine specimen makes me almost want to check it out..

CharlesMichaelDavis Originalscharlesmarcel

What do you think? Let us know!

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