Chris-mas in July!

In honor of some of the sexiest men alive, we’ve decided to celebrate Christmas in July in our own little special way… with..

CHRIS-mas in July!!



We wanted to just fill you in on the most amazing Chrises ever. We’ll be giving you fun facts, lots of gifs and pics, and just general hilarity. So on to the Chrises!! (P.S. We’re breaking the rules with the amount of gifs and pics – we know it, but, ’tis the season!)

Christopher Robert Evans


If I could marry ANY man in the world. It would be Chris Evans. One day I swear we’ll fall in love and get married and have lots of beautiful children. Ask anyone that knows me, this is my long term goal for my life. (Chris – if on the off chance you’re reading this – I’m really not a crazy lunatic – call me 😉 )

Chris is from Boston and is seriously ridiculously hilarious. He is a huge family man – and a self proclaimed momma’s boy (swoon). He’s super close with all of them though, especially his brother and his nephew. He’s also insanely intelligent and very aware of himself and what he wants in life and who he wants to be. He has an infectious laugh that I’m pretty sure has the capability to incapacitate or maybe impregnate the female reproductive system. Which is great because his biggest life goal isn’t fame, or fortune – it’s happiness.

He’s also like BFFs with our next Chris – Chris Pratt, which is pretty freakin’ cool.

tumblr_ml2f4m8Mci1r54d9so1_500 tumblr_mili3gi3XM1qk2mzfo1_500

Christopher Michael Pratt

Hey there Pratt. Let me just start off by telling you this Chris was discovered while working in Hawaii at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. That alone is pretty hilarious. He was turned down for Kirk in Star Trek and for the lead in Avatar (which was a crap movie in my opinion anyway) but has since BLOWN UP. He’s freakin’ everywhere, and I am not complaining about it. I couldn’t picture a better Starlord. I still haven’t seen Jurassic World yet but I know I’ll adore Pratt in that too.

Also, we can’t ignore that he and his wife (Anna Faris) are pretty much the cutest couple ever. They fell in love over dead bugs. Yes. Dead bugs. Pratt had a dead bug collection.. so did Faris.. weird. But they both love ’em and now they have one big ole dead bug collection.

CinemaCon 2014 - The CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards Brought To You By The Coca-Cola Company

Another fun fact? Chris also was a door to door coupon salesman for a cool minute. I didn’t even know that was a job but apparently he was pretty good at it :

Final best thing about Pratt Pratt Pratt?

Boy. Can. Dance.

chris-pratt-gif-3 giphy-14

Chris Hemsworth


You cannot deny that Chris Hemsworth is one of the prettiest men in the entire world. Also, he has a friggin’ FINE accent – which is a huge turn on for me, personally.

I don’t know that you NEED anything more than just to see him to understand why he’s awesome but I’ll give you a few more reasons anyway.

1- He’s a surfer..


2- He’s not just a dad.. he’s a dad of three.. including TWIN BOYS.Chris-and-Elsa-with-their-kids-chris-hemsworth-37553757-245-300

3. Charity = swoon


Wanna see him get wet? In a white shirt? I’ll just leave this here for you:


Christopher Whitelaw Pine


Hey there hottest-Captain-Kirk-EVER!

I think we can all agree this Chris has the coolest middle name of all the Chrises. He’s also STUPID gorgeous with some of the prettiest eyeballs I’ve ever seen. Chris Pine comes from a family of actors, including his grandmother, mother, and father! He’s well educated, receiving a bachelors in English from University of California Berkley and also studying at the University of Leeds and the American Conservatory Theater.

He also hates spiders. Which I value in any person.

Fun fact? He’s the youngest actor to ever be the lead in any Star Trek movie – and he did it like a TOTAL boss.


Wanna see him get ANNIHILATED at Battleshots (while looking totally adorable?

chris-pine-435x580 tumblr_mooulce9UT1rl6qp7o1_500

Merry Chris-mas Everyone! These are our gifs to you!

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