Boys of Summer Week 8

Well – summer is still dragging right along. It’s hot as hades here in Oklahoma so we thought we’d make this week EXTRA hot and add a few extra hotties for ya.

Rob Benedict & Richard Speight Jr
tumblr_inline_mqlwnj1JGO1qz4rgp kings-of-con-rob-benedict-richard-speight

You have probably seen these guys in tons of things but they’re most well known lately for their fan favorite roles on Supernatural – Chuck (Rob) and Gabriel (Rich). Recently though they’re working on a knew web series called Kings of Con which you can see a trailer for below!

We love Rob and Rich because A.) They’re both ADORABLE and B.) They’re freakin’ HILARIOUS.

Chadwick Boseman

(I had to use this picture because I TOO love NPR so much..)

(I had to use this picture because I TOO love NPR so much..)

Chadwick has had SEVERAL notable roles recently portraying Jackie Robinson in 42 and James Brown in Get On Up. Currently he is the new Black Panther for the Marvel universe – which I for one, can’t WAIT to see!

I have a huge weakness for big brown puppy dog eyes and this guy for SURE has them. I also have a weakness for most Marvel characters so I’m sure my weakness for Chadwick will only grow stronger.

Daniel Dae Kim

images Daniel-Dae-Kim

Daniel is most known for his acting on Lost and currently Hawaii Five-0. HELLO CHEEKBONES. I also have a weakness for those, so this guy totally makes my list. I also happen to just adore his character on Five-0 so that definitely helps his case for me personally.

Seth Green

 Seth-Green_celebhairdo Signature:c438e350e7b60deddc7e8cecd92f443bb2157c1f007151d71a9a293c16d88e08

Who can resist a ginger with stunning eyes? I don’t feel like I need to tell you how you know this guy because he’s been in practically everything, forever. Favorite role? Always has to be Oz from Buffy. Woo. I couldn’t leave Seth out after getting to meet him at Comic Con this year!

11062258_10155996677645495_5021464022518793350_n 10501802_10155996677745495_3834520139700125173_n

Also – We want to take a second to say Happy Birthday to two of our FAVORITE gorgeous men in the world  – Benedict Cumberbatch and Jared Padalecki!


See you next week!

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