Who is Mr. Robot?

What if we weren’t paying attention? Are we paying attention? With groups like Anonymous or the 1% constantly telling us what to think, how do we know that we are living our lives? Is the government controlling us through propaganda? What if The Avengers are nothing more than a way to wash our brains and make us real zombies? Is Disney World truly the Magic Kingdom because we are choosing to take the blue pill?

Mr. Robot begins in the middle. Elliot Alderson has made the wrong decision. He’s once again got the Men in Black on his tail because instead of going to Angela’s party he chose to confront Ron’s Coffee owner, Rohit Meta, about the child porn ring he’s running. How would Elliot know about this? Because, Elliot is a hacker; during the day he works for Allsafe (a technology company that keeps major company servers safe from people like Elliot) where he earns a paycheck and gets by. At night, he hacks into the lives of anyone he encounters. This is Elliot’s true passion, and he’s good at what he does.  Elliot pays attention.

Evil Corp. is a company that owns all of us; we are slaves to the things we want. To the educations we buy. To the debt we owe. All of these flows back to Evil Corp. Elliot understands this, and he tries to live as far off the grid as he can. Elliot isn’t a people-person. He sees a therapist for some mental health issues. The one thing I know about Elliot after 3 episodes is that I have grown attached to him, I want want him to succeed. I know next to nothing about hacking, but I do know this show is about as good as it can be. I have high hopes for this series.


If you are into corruption, power, the people who abuse power, conspiracy theories, mental illness, big corporation, fraud, and hackers, then this is the show for you. It’s full of people running amok, causing trouble, and confusing the hell out of me.

We are only at episode 3 and my paranoia is heightened. I have zero complaints. Great acting, actors, writing, premise… watch it with us! Mr. Robot airs Wednesday nights on USA.mrrobot-key-art

2 thoughts on “Who is Mr. Robot?

  1. I love this show! (But I love the actor that plays Elliot so I knew I would.) I’m glad I’m not the only one who recognized that a good chunk of Christian Slater’s dialogue comes straight from the mouth of Morpheus.

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