HTFG Talks: A Look Inside Moriarty

Why do we love to hate villains? Why are they so important? Well, the cliché is true; you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. Sherlock would not be as fun without Moriarty there to thwart his path. The villain of any decent series is well-written. In life, we don’t tend to have such obvious obstacles in our way. Our villains are bad days, bosses, miscommunication, money problems, unhappiness with ourselves, etc. We watch shows, read books, and love fandoms because we want to get away from our mundane problems. I don’t want to worry about having money for the mortgage this month, but I do want to watch Moriarty throw every hurdle in his power at Sherlock Holmes.

“Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You need me, or you’re nothing.”

―Moriarty to Sherlock


James (Jim) Moriarty is a psychopath; he committed his first crime while in school in 1989. (At least, this is the first crime we KNOW of.) He poisoned fellow student, Carl Powers, with botulinum. Carl unaware that he had been poisoned drowned while in the school pool. Moriarty’s motivation for killing Powers was that he laughed at him. Moriarty then kept Power’s trainers (tennis shoes) – maybe to keep as a memento, but more likely, kept just in case he needed to divert suspicion from himself later. It seems Moriarty has been a bit lonely in life, yeah, no; Not lonely. While his pride will not let him feel such a mundane emotion, he finds himself becoming obsessed with Sherlock. Sherlock is the yin to Moriarty’s yang. Sherlock, a consulting detective for New Scotland Yard, has been gaining notoriety in the press, against Sherlock’s wishes – he finds the attention a distracting nuisance. Watson’s blog about the duo’s cases has also become popular, as Sherlock quickly and easily manages to solve each problem. It is easy for Moriarty to learn and obsess and plan for Sherlock’s demise. Moriarty is the world’s first consulting criminal, a title he has given himself obviously to spite Sherlock. His brilliance earns him money without ever having to actually get his hands dirty. Yet, no matter what he is working on, it all is focused on Sherlock, who often finds himself in the middle of Moriarty’s cat-and-mouse games. Unfortunately, Moriarty does not care about humans or life. Sherlock does, this is also against his own wishes. As a self-proclaimed highly-functioning sociopath whom probably also lies somewhere on the autisim spectrum, he would prefer to work alone. When he fails, though, someone tends to die.

Why does Moriarty cause these problems?

Simply because he can, James Moriarty loves the attention.

The reasons we love him?

He Has Style:

He is A Little Crazy:

He Likes Grandeur:

He is Patient:

His Musical Taste is Fascinating:

He Has a Great Sense of Humor:

The Strange Relationship Between Sherlock & Moriarty:

He Knows His Worth:

We Miss Him:

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