Boys of Summer Week 7: SDCC Edition!


This week Caitlin has been at SDCC. She’s having a blast and has gotten to do some cool stuff. She’s currently in line for the Supernatural panel tomorrow afternoon. So, after she gets home, she will have a great blog update! It’s still summer, though, so it’s time for our next round of men:

Henry Cavill – The Man of Steel, he’s a great Clark Kent/Superman. Here’s the upcoming trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


Kit Harington – Game of Thrones has thrown us for a loop. Jon Snow wasn’t even at Comic-Con this year – for the obvious reason! But, calm down y’all. Jon is going to be just fine. Or we riot. You can see Kit in 7 Days in Hell, though

 Orlando JonesSleepy Hollow, y’all. Sleepy Hollow! Orlando just happened to be at the same CC party as Caitlin on Friday night! She reports that aside from being totally hot, Orlando is also funny, sweet, and he even let her try on his amazing sunglasses. Yes, he does wear his sunglasses at night.

Sleepy Hollow Trailer:

 Here’s Caitlin and her new BFF, Orlando, hanging out at Comic-Con:

11267355_10155996677240495_2536425983001917993_n (1)


Updates soon!

6 thoughts on “Boys of Summer Week 7: SDCC Edition!

  1. Excellent choices this week!
    I didn’t even watch GoT and I fell in love with Jon Stone. It’s definitely the hair!
    I’ve loved Orlando for years.

    But Henry Cavill: we’ve got a saying in the ‘hood.
    ” Uhm,uhm,uhm! That man is foine!” (No, not fine. Foine!)

    Liked by 1 person

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