En Route to SDCC!

Hey there ladies (and gents)!

It’s Cait! From 36,000 feet in the air flying to wonderful SAN DIEGO (with a short pit stop in Vegas – talk about a kick ass layover stop…)

Had a minor delay here in Oklahoma City but SHOULD still arrive in San Diego on time!

I am so freakin’ excited!! Being my first trip to San Diego AND my first ever Con, I plan to go all out.

So PLEASE accept our invitation to follow us here.. obviously… but also on Twitter @HTFGTweets and myself @HTFGCaitlin and on Instagram @HTFGInsta. I’ll be posting tons of updates on ALL THE SITES! Leah will fill in my gaps when I am unable to as Ill be sending her ALL THE UPDATES too!

Cheers bitches!!Photo on 7-8-15 at 12.46 PM

6 thoughts on “En Route to SDCC!

      • You and me both sister. A big con for the first con is so overwhelming. The first con I ever went to was a Star Wars Celebration. Everything else went downhill after that, haha. Not really, but it was a totally different experience.


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