5 Fandom Friday: Our Favorite Aliens


Space, as we all know, is the final frontier. This week we are forced to decide who our favorite aliens are, and it’s much harder than we anticipated. I think we have the list narrowed down, but I always wish we had more options. So, here you go. Happy Friday!

Spock: As our clever and opinionated friend, Kara says:

“Spock is the perfect man. A fight with Spock would go like this:

“I asked you to mow the lawn three days ago and you said you would, but you still haven’t.”

“Oh, that is logical.”

Then he mows the damn lawn. SA-WOON.

The Cast of Roswell: I cannot pick between Max, Isabel, or Michael. This is a show, dammit. I need all of them. Roswell helped me through some tough times, guys. I especially loved Liz’s “Dear Diary” moments. Plus, there is NO WAY Max was EVER 16. EVER.

roswell-cast-image-tv Roswell---PROM-Season-2-cast-roswell-42322_640_480

Stitch: I’m not going to lie; Stitch is probably the cutest alien ever. He’s a cross between a Koala and a cub. The torn ears and bad behavior endear him to me even more. Plus, I cry every time I watch Lilo and Stitch. Still.

Mork: Because Robin Williams.

ALF: Gordon Shumway former Melmacian, current resident of the Tanner household, loves to eat cats and cause trouble.

 Who are your favorite aliens?

20 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Our Favorite Aliens

  1. I’d agreed with this entire list, except the Roswellians. i never watched the show.
    I wanted to marry Spock when I was a little girl.
    I always cry at Lilo and Stitch too, even when I know what’s coming.
    Mork was my very first alien, even before Spock. he was like the zany best friend you wish you had in High School.
    Alf was like sarcasm personified. One of the snarkiest, most hilarious shows on TV back then.

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