HTFG’s Woman of The Month of July: Charlie Bradbury

July is the most wonderfully nerdy time of the year. San Diego Comic-Con allows us to be ourselves, at our very best, amongst our own people. To celebrate the nerdiest month of the year, we decided that our Woman of July should be our favorite fictional nerd: Charlie Bradbury.


Remember the Leviathans? Specifically, remember Dick Roman? (Insert all of your clever puns here – or put them in the comments section as we will read them and be appreciative!)

Charlie worked for Dick Roman Enterprises as an IT Consultant. Dick, head of the Leviathans, hires Charlie because of her impressive computer skills. He makes her decrypt a hard drive full of information he wants. It takes her about 24 hours, but she does it. Charlie then reads what she has decrypted and realizes that Dick is some kind of monster called a Leviathan. Thankfully, she cannot be turned into a Leviathan, unlike most humans. Also, the drive has GPS on it, which brings Dean and Sam to Roman Enterprises. The three save the day and Charlie finds out all about the “real world”. She takes this pretty well.

Charlie Bradbury is the ultimate fangirl. She is who we at HTFG aspire to be more like. She accepted what life threw at her and she handled that to the best of her ability. However, like all of us fangirl & boys, she also had an imagination. At times this helped her to overcome difficulties. At other times, it helped her to feel a part of the world that she had been cut off from over her life. Fandoms: bringing people together since forever.

Charlie started life as Celeste Middleton. Celeste was a sweet girl. She had a mom and dad who loved her. In fact, her mother is probably the reason Charlie became a nerd, since she read her Tolkien every night. They shared that love until she was 12. In a random and sad turn of events, Charlie lost her parents. She went to a sleep-over and got scared in the night, so both parents came to get her, but were hit by a drunk driver. Her father died instantly, while her mother was kept alive via life support. Her whole world changed. She grew angry, and scared, and guilt-ridden. Eventually, to rebel against the world she lived in, she became a computer hacker. She had a lot of talent with this, so much, in fact, that she completely broke the law and did some time in juvie. Since then she’s gone rogue. She continues to hack, but she’s a lone wolf. Her identity changes anytime anyone finds out about her criminal past. Unfortunately, hacking pays best for the medical bills that keep her mother on life-support.

So, even though she has had a difficult life, Charlie remains as optimistic as humanly possible. She stays connected via fandoms and internet communication. She attends lots of conventions, especially, and notably, Comic-Con. Who wouldn’t want to attend CC with Charlie? Once, she got drunk and got a Princess Leia tattoo. So, yeah, she’s pretty much the best.

Instead of just allowing the Winchester boys to swoop in and save the day, she totally proved that she was just as helpful and tough as they are. Charlie wasn’t affected by their rugged good looks, either, since she fishes in the lady pond. I feel this is significant because sex and sexual attraction did not cloud her judgement when she decided that she also wanted to become a hunter, which both boys tried to talk her out of. Charlie had a relationship with Dean that neither expected; the bond they forged was perfect. She opened up to him and let him in. In a world where Charlie could never be herself, it was incredibly significant that she let Dean see who she really was. Hell, he even saved her from her own nightmare once. The respect they had for one another was really, really sweet. They loved each other; they were family.


Unfortunately, at the end of Season 10, Charlie died. I think she died the way she would have wanted to, though. She went out fighting. She helped Sam get the information needed to help Dean rid himself of the Mark of Cain. Even though I am no longer speaking to Sam, I have finally accepted that Charlie is gone. So, while she won’t be at Comic-Con this year, you might have a drink for her.

Here are some of our favorite Charlie moments:

That time she broke into the encrypted files Dick gave her and she celebrated with Hermione

That time she had the EPIC cosplay

 Which was so much fun even Dean had to join

 Every time she said hello or goodbye

  The time she finally met Cas

Though we only knew her for a few seasons of Supernatural, 8 episodes, actually, we loved Charlie. This is why she is our Woman of July. We hope she’s having all sorts of great adventures wherever she is.

4 thoughts on “HTFG’s Woman of The Month of July: Charlie Bradbury

  1. She devolved from a decent character to a Mary Sue (well the Mary Sue-ness was always there, I mean Dick Roman called her so special he couldn’t copy her). They really needed to give her to other writers, because Thompson was just too in love with her. Being told she’s special, really competent hunter right out the gate, single handedly wins a war against witches, Sam needs her to show how to hack into something simple, despite being competent at hacking himself.

    But I will say thins, the one thing they did great with her was how they handled her sexuality. Mostly because she wasn’t defined by it, she was a lesbian, there were a few remarks about it, the characters treated it like no big deal. She wasn’t there for the show to get a pat on the back for having LGBT representation, she was there because for better or worse, they liked the character and actress.

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