Our Favorite Fictional BFFs

So, best friends are awesome; no one can argue with that. If you do, you suck and need to find a better best friend. They laugh with you, cry with you, plan unlikely (and borderline-stalker) someday marriages with you. They pick you up when your mom loses her mind, they tell you no to certain behaviors. They rock. I mean, who else knows when to tell you that your running face is similar to that of a beagle, when you think you look sexy? So we wanted to showcase a few of our favorite fictional BFF’s:


Buffy & Willow – Buffy may have saved the world a lot but she also had a kick ass team behind her. Even before Willow became a powerful (and sometimes scary) witch, she was just about one of the best friends ever. Being “The Chosen One” sucked large. Through each apocalypse, homework, school, boys, and death, Willow and Buffy were together through it all. Somewhere, in Sunnydale, Buffy and Willow (and the other Scoobies of course) are just as close and are having playdates with their children. At least, this is what I hope.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione – Fast friends, this trio has gone through a lot together. Each friend has something special that is needed by the others. Fiercely loyal to one another, these 3 prove that best friends will go through tough times, but, you can stick it out. If I could make this trio a quartet, I so would. Who WOULDN’T want to get into shenanigans with these three all around Hogwarts? (Kicking Voldemort’s ass would be fun, too.)


Jess, Cece, Schmidt, Nick, Wilson, and Coach – Two words: True American. These 6 are so much fun that I can watch New Girl reruns all day. I love the constant bickering between Schmidt and Nick. Jess and Cece are the best girl duo ever. Also, between Wilson’s shenanigans and Coach’s strange life decisions, this is my favorite group of BFF’s.


Sherlock and Watson – Sherlock is not someone to easily befriend. John Watson is a war vet going through some tough times. These two have no business being friends, yet, somehow it works. This duo is special for the fandom that waited, and is still waiting. We LOVE John and Sherl SO much that we will wait forever. Remember that stag night, or the time they went to The Royal Palace and Sherlock refused to wear clothing? Drunken Sherlock and overly emotional Watson are the best. Please come back soon, Sherlock, we miss you!


Cory and Shawn – Because these two are my childhood. I love them. They are a perfect example of how some friendships = family.


Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin – I’m pretty sure this would be my crew to drink with. These guys would rock. I hated the ending of this show (and if you didn’t, then I don’t understand your morals) but holy moly if you forget the ending, I would totally just jump in and live life with them. giphy-5 

Spock & Kirk – How could we not include these two besties?

tumblr_mnah5iX4HB1rcs5n9o1_500 6pcf4njpg

Meredith & Christina – Because everyone has their “person”.


Wayne & Garth  Party on, guys. You are the shit!


Bill & Ted – Friendships should also be about adventure. And these guys had Excellent adventures..


Bobby& Rufus Because we all need that person we can go to who would help us bury a body with little to no questions asked.


Clone Club & Felix – Sarah and Felix began life as foster brother and sister. Felix has always been Sarah’s voice of reason. So, of course, when we find out Sarah has at least 4 other clones Felix jumps in to help. Sarah loves her sisters and her brother with everything. Clone Club is a strangely wonderful group of people thrown together in life just trying to survive.

Dean & Crowley   Possibly the best outcome we could have hoped for after Dean became the Deanmon and Crowley became more human (ick). These two together were hilarious. Drunken karaoke and shenanigans were constants with these two.

Who are some of YOUR favorite fictional BFFs?! Let us know in the comments!

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