Pride or Prejudice? Angel Vs. Spike


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a vampire not in possession of a soul must (at some time in his life) be in want of one. Whether this vampire is blonde or brunette does not matter. Neither does his date of “birth”. All that matters is that he is soulless and therefore damned. Now, if you have ever seen Buffy or Angel, then you know I am referencing Angel and Spike. You surely have taken a side and chosen the vampire you would back during an apocalypse. If you haven’t, you are not a true fan. There can be no room for both.


The best way we have decided to decipher a true winner is to have several battles; the winner will be given a point. Each category below will have a winner, a loser, OR a tie. We’ll tally up and the end and crown the reigning vamp. May the best vamp win!

ROUND 1:Teamwork


This is a tough category because at times both Spike and Angel fought with the Scoobies and then against them. Spike begrudgingly becomes the resident pain-in-the ass member of the group while Angel showed up in the beginning and later formed his own team of good-doers in LA.

This one is a tie. Spike didn’t WANT to be on a team, but neutered Spike and Spike with a soul did a great job. Angel did a great job on the team for the most part, but not Angelus.  Remember him? Yeah, not a great dude. Also Angel tends to be a bit of a lone wolf on several occasions on his spin off. So I say tie.

Round 2: Personality

Buffy tumblr_inline_nf1p9ulq2V1t10bt3 ywvH2yH

Hands down Spike wins this category. He is insanely witty and hilarious. He really knows how to throw that shade. No one is suggesting that Angel isn’t smart, resourceful, or kind, but he’s honestly pretty friggin’ dull most of the time. Yawn.

Round 3: Romance



Aside from Spike’s pre-vamp poet days, he’s not very romantic. He may be the bigger lover in a bigger way, but I don’t see him cooking many candlelit dinners. Remember prom? I bawled like a baby when Angel showed up to prom.  Spike’s romance is full of faults and bad ideas. Remember Buffybot? Angel wins.

Round 4: Fighting Skills


It would be unfair to pick a winner for this round. Angel is Spike’s grand-sire and therefore taught him most of what he knows about fighting and combat. I don’t know that either of them is really better than the other. I’d take either as my bodyguard any day. Tie.

Round 5: Style


This one is tough because honestly? They pretty much dress the same (minus that SWEET Hawaiian shirt Spike rocked). However I’m going to say Angel wore it better. His days at Wolfram & Hart definitely benefit his wardrobe so Angel wins. If I could pick PAST attire, Spike’s punk rock days would kick Angel’s ass.

Round 6: Character


If I was only going to base this category on Angel and Spike WITH souls, Angel might win. However, I’m not. Also, I can’t ignore that Spike didn’t start being a player on the good guy team until AFTER he was chipped by The Initiative. This was almost a tie but I have to give it to Spike. When Angel is Angelus he is a NIGHTMARE. Even when Spike HAD NO SOUL he didn’t try to destroy the world. Pre-chipped Spike still chose to look out for himself and help Buffy stop Angelus from destroying the entire world. So, Spike wins.

Round 7: Pre-Vamp Days


This is a no brainer. Spike wins. Angel was a dick before he lost his soul and got fangs. Spike was just a sweet little momma’s boy who really loved a chick and wrote a lot of poetry. He was a good person. Angel was a dick to his family and was pretty much just a wild drunk.

Round 8: Looks


So I’m trying really hard not to be biased on this one because if I had to pick, I’d definitely bang Spike. However, that being said, Angel is definitely the better looking of the two. At least, he’s more my type looks-wise. Angel wins.

Round 9: Defining Moments



Spike wins this. If you argue with me I might punch you. I didn’t see Angel fighting a bunch of shit to get his soul back. I didn’t see him sacrificing himself in a fiery pit. I mean yeah I’m sure he WOULD have but he DIDN’T. He DID take over Wolfram & Hart to give his son a better life which is pretty cool, however the kid was a legit psycho so… Spike just wins.

Round 10: Brooding


Well. Angel is the broodingest brooder that ever did brood. So he wins. That scowl though.

Round 11: Capability to Love


This time souls are going to have a HUGE part of my explanation on why Spike wins this shit. The closest thing to love Angelus ever knew was Darla and he didn’t even love her. Not a bit. Spike though? He LOVED Drusilla. It may have also been infatuation so if you argue that, I’ll give you a pass. But what about Buffy, explain that? Spike had NO soul and still truly loved Buffy. He loved her enough to be devastated when she died and to continue to fight with the Scoobies in order to protect and look after Dawn and Sunnydale. Then he got a soul and loved her enough he wanted nothing from her. THAT is true love. Not running off to LA because you can’t bang your girlfriend without turning into a mass murderer. Spike wins.

So, let’s tally…

While you wait.. Angel dances…….


Ties: 2

Angel: 4

Spike: 5

Okay. You had to see it coming that Spike was going to win… He’s my one of my favorite fictional characters second only to Dean Winchester. I think he’s just the all-around better vamp. I still love Angel, but Spike is just better. Where was the Spike spin off Joss? Huh?! Ugh.

30 thoughts on “Pride or Prejudice? Angel Vs. Spike

  1. Love love love this post. Angel is goid looking but he knows it. Spike is so damn hot, especially in that pic you got right there in between Angel’s. Yeah, I would go with Spike any day. *drooling* 😉

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  2. Right, this is certainly a fair “unbiased” list… And you seem to barely recognize everything Angel did on his own show for 5 years. That’s real fairness…
    Because if you did, you wouldn’t have forgotten all the sacrifices Angel did.
    The two major ones are what he sacrificed for Buffy and Connor.
    He sacrificed his one and only chance of a human life with Buffy in order to save her life! Yeah, that’s nothing…

    “Female oracle on IWRY: You are wrong. This one is willing to sacrifice every drop of human happiness and love he’s ever known for another. He is *not* a lower being.”

    He always put Buffy before his own needs and that’s why he left her.
    He indeed didn’t have to fight to get his soul but he did fight to keep it. And for that, he had to leave the love of his life because Buffy is his happiness and at some point, he would have lost his soul again ( and put her in danger ).
    Angel sacrificed his only chance of fatherhood to save his son. Right, that’s also nothing…
    Angel was ready to die in order to save human Darla. Right, that doesn’t count…
    Angel went to a hell dimension to free Billy in order to save Cordelia.
    Angel was willing to sacrifice himself in “Hero” before Doyle stopped him and did it himself.
    In Season 2 premiere, Angel fight to death for the safety of a pregnant woman because it’s what Champions do.
    And what is “Not Fade Away”, the series finale, if not an ultimate sacrifice to do the right thing?
    So, yeah, right, Spike wins the round 6 character. He indeed had to wear a necklace… ( Brought by Angel btw)
    Also thank you for the big laugh when I read that Spike “wins” the capacity to love over Angel! Hahahaha…. Hahahaha…Hahahaha…

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  3. Well, I see that the mother of “character-bashing” is always pregnant and unfortunately, coming it from a Spike fan, it’s no surprise. Really little pride but much prejudice.

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  4. “running off to LA
    because you can’t
    bang your
    girlfriend without
    turning into a
    mass murderer.”
    I only disagree to THIS part. He left her for her sake.


  5. As far as romance, I’d give Spike points for how he continually wooed Drusilla — he was pretty romantic there.

    And I’d take points from Angel for repeatedly leaving Buffy, plus all the times he left her in the lurch. And The Prom? UGH. I hate Angel more for that — I HATE that scene. He let Buffy wallow in misery before the prom, and then felt hopeless and sad throughout (until she received her award)… he’s gonna live forever, he couldn’t let her know he was gonna show up? And then he only shows up at the end? What was he doing before that? Plus, it just seems like cruel torture since he’s leaving town anyway. I hated him more because of that scene.

    Plus, I just need to point out that under looks, the pic of James Marsters/Spike that you’ve posted is actually a photoshop job (we know from season six that’s not how his body looks) — that body is actually model Sean Faris, and you can see the original here:

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    • We actually did notice the photo of James and meant to correct it. ☺️ we’ll get on it today!! Thanks!
      Your points on Angel are definitely all valid. I was so broken hearted about all of that… I just felt in the grand scheme, Angel was probably more romantic in the normal sense. Spike definitely was capable of romantic ideals as he was with Dru. Honestly if I wasn’t trying to be unbiased, Spike would’ve won all of the categories. 😳 lol -Cait


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  7. After watching both the shows i can say with absolute certainty that Angel is by far the more heroic one ( I would rather say that he is the TRUE CHAMPION hence why the PTB chose him ) & the only one truly deserving of the shanshu prophecy

    P.S in terms of fighting skills he had left spike in the dust ages ago

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  8. I would wholeheartedly agree with every single rating. However, looks wise, I would still give that to Spike. Spike has beautiful bone structure and aside from that awful bleached hair, a great thick head of hair. Angel is good looking, but I wouldn’t call him handsome. Plus, Angel’s personality is so blasè. I would take Spike over Angel in a heartbeat. Spike is just, sigh, so damn irresistible.


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