Boys of Summer Week 3

It’s our 3rd week, which means more dudes. There are many attractive men in the world, y’all. We are only getting started! Happy Sunday Funday!

Milo Ventimiglia – Remember Jess? He grew up. Wow. Let’s all just collectively take a moment to appreciate where Rory Gilmore went wrong. (No offense Team Dean-ers)

Where You Have Seen Him: Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Rocky Balboa, Pathology, Grown Ups 2

Upcoming: Milo is currently starring on ABC’s The Whispers, He was just on Gotham as Ogre, Chosen (a series for Crackle), and the recently released Wild Card

Tyler Posey – Tyler is beautiful. He’s an actor and a musician, but he’s been in television for over a decade! Tyler was beaten out for the role of Jacob in Twilight, but he managed to snag the lead role for MTV’s Teen Wolf remake.

Where You Have Seen Him: Maid in Manhattan, Collateral Damage, Teen Wolf (MTV)

Upcoming: Teen Wolf (MTV), Yoga Hosers

Lenny Kravitz – Lenny has been around for awhile now, and he doesn’t seem to age. He has always been this attractive! The talented musician is also a fantastic actor. He’s won so many awards for being so good at everything that it would take an entire post to list those accolades. We’re ready to see what’s up next.

Where You’ve Seen Him: On stage, or in music video, Zoolander, Precious, The Butler, The Hunger Games, Selma

Upcoming: Little Rootie Tootie

8 thoughts on “Boys of Summer Week 3

  1. I think I have all of Kravitz albums from the nineties. It was really different stuff than waht was being put out at the time and still stands up to musical standards today. It’s been interesting following his career trajectory.

    I’m a Heroes fan so Images of Milo always produce a smile.

    I’m also a Teen Wolf fan partly because Tyler really sells that Alpha role so well.
    I don’t watch teen shows, as a rule. I make a point not to but I’ve made an exception for Teen Wolf becasue those actors are so good. And I just love the Bro-mane between the two main characters.

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