5 Fandom Friday: Our Favorite Fictional Fathers


Father’s Day is right around the corner so it is only appropriate that this week we discuss our 5 favorite fictional fathers.  Just to be clear, this post was extremely difficult for Caitlin and me to leave at 5.

Again, these are not in any order. We love them all equally.

  1. Red Forman – Red is a cranky US Veteran. He’s been through WWII and ‘Nam. He’s constantly threatening to kick his son, Eric’s, ass, while being extremely forgiving and easy on his wild daughter, Laurie. His humor is deadpan and he would always rather be having a beer on his couch than doing anything Kitty wants him to do. This tough exterior is just show, though. He loves his family. He even likes Eric’s crazy friends, he’s basically adopted Hyde. He’ll never let anyone know, though, and we love him for it.   
  2. Arthur Weasley – The only wizard on our list, Arthur is the closest father figure Harry had; Arthur loved all of his 7 children, even the difficult Percy. As if life wasn’t busy enough with his kids, his work at The Ministry of Magic, and his wife, Molly, he also takes on Harry. He does his best by him even through the uprising of Death Eaters after the return of Voldemort. 
  3. Atticus Finch – If you have never read To Kill a Mockingbird, then I can’t even. Atticus is a lawyer in Maycomb, Alabama who is also a single-father to his children Jem and Scout. Atticus represents all that should be right within a world where there is so much turmoil. He tries to teach his children by doing instead of just saying. The story is told through Scout’s eyes. Scout is 6 and it’s is the 1930’s; her father stands up to racial inequality and ideals by representing a black man who has been unlawfully charged with a crime he did not commit. Scout and Jem watch the town basically disown their father (and them by proxy). Atticus taught me, as well as his own children, that standing up for what is right is not easy. It is a must, though, and worth the effort. 
  4. George Banks – Father of the Bride sealed my fate; I officially fell in love with the idea of Steve Martin George as my father. George Banks loves his family so much. He always puts them first, even if that means spending way too much on a wedding for his daughter, whom has just met her fiancé while on a trip to Europe. George owns my dream house and I would totally want to have my wedding there, too. There is nothing wrong with this movie. Nothing. I still love it. This movie is 24 years old, by the way.

All of the Dads on Modern Family – I couldn’t just pick Phil. Cam, Mitchell, and Jay are wonderful fathers too. Each week this group of men manages to teach me a lesson about life, while also bringing me to tears from laughing so hard. Whether it is the time Phil makes the album for Haley’s first year of college, or when Jay tells Mitchell he loves him, or when Cam and Mitchell lovingly judge Lily, it’s all perfection. Thank you, Modern Family, for reminding me that there is no such thing as a perfect family. 

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! Even if you don’t have a dad you love, there is always a fictional father figure.


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