The Boys of Summer Week 2

It’s that time again!

It’s starting to warm up outside and we’re starting to get all worked up here too!

Ready for your next 3 smoking hot men?

Matt freakin’ Bomer



Where You’ve Seen Him: White Collar, Magic Mike

Upcoming: Magic Mike XXL, American Horror Story

Okay. Let me be honest and say.. It bums me out that Matt is gay.. Only because it means I will NEVER have a shot with him. He is one of the most gorgeous men on the planet. Not only that, but he and husband Simon Halls have 3 BOYS! Talk about a busy guy!

Jesse Williams


Where You’ve Seen Him: Grey’s Anatomy

I love Grey’s. I will openly admit I’ve missed some seasons and haven’t always watched consistently but I love it. And Jesse Williams is a JOY to watch. Not only is his character great but LOOK AT THOSE EYE BALLS. Not to mention the freakin’ abs. Sigh.

Alex O’Loughlin


Where You’ve Seen Him: Hawaii Five-0, The Back-Up Plan, Moonlight

This is seriously one of the most underrated hot men out there. I do not see NEAR enough women fangirling over him. He is GORGEOUS and Australian! You can’t beat a good accent in my opinion. Also that bod…. Yum.. And WHEN he smiles… Wow. Also… when he’s stern (which is a lot if you watch Hawaii Five-0) he’s also hot then..

Stay tuned for more hot men next week! Who would you like to see?!

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