5 Fandom Friday: Comic Book Heroes We Would Like to See With Their Own Series or Movie


This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is a fun topic. The comic-verse has become prevalent and even with all of the movies and series available there is still room for others we would like to see. Daredevil changed my mind about comic series. What was once a terrible movie with horrible acting is now easily the best series Netflix has released this year.  So, I’ve decided there is no point in superhero movies (as introductions) anymore. I want series. I need to see the character develop. I want to see the villain become bad. I want the backstory that no movie can ever give. This isn’t the fault of the movie; it is just that 2.5 hours is not enough time to make any kind of attachments and/or decisions. Daredevil is a comic superhero with several stories written about him. It took a lot of time to develop Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, time that the movie never gave me and time that the audience never wanted to give back to the franchise. So, staying in that same vein, these are the 5 comic characters we would like to see with their own series:

  1. Black Widow – Just watching Natasha in the several Marvel movies available will not get to the heart of this woman. We need a show dedicated to her! Natasha has lived such a complex life; she has been hurt and betrayed at the hands of her own government. She has teamed up with several other comic heroes and saved the day. Did you know she actually met Logan/Wolverine when she was saved from a burning building as a child? She pays him back in due time. She teamed up with the other Avengers as well as Daredevil. We would love to see a story devoted to Black Widow.                                                        marvel-universe-black-widow
  2. The Punisher – Yes, The Punisher was already in a movie. That movie was terrible. We need a do-over just like Daredevil. Who doesn’t want to watch a man single-handedly fight the entire mob of New York? I love the vigilante story line, but, I also appreciate the complexity that The Punisher gives. This definitely needs to be a series without Thomas Jane. I want to see Frank Castle like the comic imagined him.                                            punisher-2
  3. Morpheus/Dream of the Endless – I realize that Dream is a part of a graphic novel, but he is a hero (at times) and I want to see a show adapted to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series. Morpheus is the Sandman. He lives in the world he created, Dream. As one of 7 Endless, Dream takes the readers on many journeys. This would be an absolutely amazing show. It’s my favorite graphic novel. (Right now, though, Joseph-Gordon Levitt is working with Neil Gaiman to produce a movie – I’m good with it.)                                      519311-dream
  4. Storm – Why haven’t we seen more about Storm? She is my favorite of the X-Men. Storm’s backstory is also really lacking on-screen. She’s the queen consort to Black Panther! She controls the weather. She’s a mutant! Her mother came from a long line of African witch-priestesses! Come on! She’s a woman of color who has a kick-ass story that I want to know! Give her a series right now!! 406px-Storm_apoc
  5. Kitty Pryde – Another of the X-Men whom hasn’t been given her due. Her mutant power is to be intangible. Do you even understand what you could do if given that power? Do you even understand? She can pass through anything and she can levitate. She can also bring anyone she comes into contact with her. This makes her impressive. So impressive that there were several groups aside from Charles Xavier’s who wanted her. Thankfully, though, she picked the right school to learn in. She’s grown up through the comics. It would be so cool to see a teenage girl series about Kitty.                                         kitty_pryde_days_of_future_past

14 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Comic Book Heroes We Would Like to See With Their Own Series or Movie

  1. Great picks! I’d like to see a Storm film, that would be way more interesting than Wolverine, again. Also, interesting choice of Shadowcat. Her power is AMAZING and not explored enough.

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