5 Fandom Friday : 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows


We LOVE to binge watch. Netflix is a complete GIFT from the Heavens. If we aren’t checking out a new show, or one we’ve never seen, then you will probably find us binge watching the following:

1.) Supernatural

2e4b21c2040b8fc70510efd938470334Because who DOESN’T love hot guys and monsters? We LOVE Supernatural. It is by far my favorite fandom and my constant go to when I don’t feel like watching something new. Go to episodes if not watching straight through? The French Mistake, Changing Channels, Yellow Fever, Swan Song, Mystery Spot

2.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer


The Buffyverse is perfect. We adore the characters and love to binge on some Buffy love. If you haven’t watched BTVS since your teen days, do yourself a huge favor and rewatch. You can thank us after. Go to episodes: Hush, Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Something Blue, Prophecy Girl.

3.) Sherlock


Because waiting freakin’ BLOWS. Kids, we got word series 4 isn’t even being FILMED until 2016. Do you know what that means for Americans? SO MUCH MORE WAITING!!! Until then, we’ll binge. There aren’t as many episodes of Sherlock so our favorite go to’s are: The Great Game, The Reichenbach Fall, and The Sign of Three. There are only 9 episodes, though, so you have no excuses!

4.) Daredevil


We’re only one season into Daredevil and we’re already planning to re-watch because it is AWESOME. Whether it is the characters, the fighting, the humor, and/or the story, it’s all perfect. It’s about time Marvel put a great series out for a comic book hero. 2 hours is never enough. This show is so great that we suggest watching every episode. You could watch the awesome fight scene in Cut Man, though.

5.) The Walking Dead


Zombies! Duh! If you haven’t watched The Walking Dead by now, you are seriously behind the times my friend! Watch it in all its glory and enjoy. Awesome special effects and great walker kills with fantastic characters. Favorite episodes: Days Gone Bye, Cherokee Rose, Claimed, A, No Sanctuary.

Tell us your favorite binge-worthy shows! Also, follow us on Pinterest and you will find an entire Netflix Binge Food board!

35 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday : 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

  1. I have binge- watched Daredevil twice.

    I’ve binged Sherlock, 3 times just last year.

    I dont even binge Supernatural anymore. I just go to an episode, and the same for Buffy.

    I will binge Angel’s last season anytime, because Spike and Angel are awesome together.

    Binging The Walking Dead is too painful, so thats for when I’m feeling ill.

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    • I’m watching Angel for the first time currently! I’m only half way through the 1st season but I seriously can’t wait for Spike to come back!! I’m dying waiting!!


    • I understand that. Season 5 was really good! I have shows I just skip certain seasons though so I totally get it! I’m stoked I’ve finally finished Buffy and I’m totally going to be re watching about a million times!! -Caitlin


  2. I’m another one that totally spaced TWD. Although… I’m not sure I would re-watch it. It’s like it’s a one-time show that’s soooooo good, partly because it feels so real, but kinda slow for a rewatch. Maybe. I’ve never really thought about it before.

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