Mother’s Day Redux

Mother’s Day 2015 has passed, finally. Mostly, we were supposed to be cheering and glorifying our moms. Friday we did a post about our favorite fictional mothers, and while it was fun, I couldn’t help but think about who the worst fictional mothers would be. So, with the big day behind us, let’s talk about those moms we are glad were not assigned to us. Without further ado, Mother’s Day Redux:

(It’s only fitting that it would be a Monday post)


Mrs. Bennet 









I know there are many fans of Pride and Prejudice. I’m one of them. Elizabeth Bennet was a voice of reason, and I loved her for it. I do not understand that same love being bestowed upon Mrs. Bennet, however. She was an ill-tempered, self-centered, poorly-educated woman who only wanted her daughter’s to be wed above their station in life. Seriously, that’s what she wanted. She was happy to force Elizabeth into a marriage with her own cousin in order to keep the family home. When she wasn’t being unreasonable, embarrassing, annoying, or crafty, she was just a pain. Thank God Elizabeth and Jane made it out of there. Poor Mr. Bennet’s nerves must be fried by now.

Cersei Lannister 








Cersei has been a monster since she was young. Her station has always been lofty, so she won’t even care about this article. She’s way above it. Is she above sleeping with her TWIN? No. In fact, he’s fathered all of her children while she was queen. Cersei lost her husband (impaled by boar was preferable to marriage to Cersei) and the Iron Throne went to her oldest son, Joffrey. Cersei manipulated the throne through Joffrey and made some terrible decisions. I’m waiting for the day to celebrate the death of Cersei. Spoiler alert: It had better be worse than Joffrey’s death.

Livia Soprano







So, David Chase made this show about a mob boss who has to go into therapy. Everyone knows this. Turns out the mob boss has a reason for needing that therapy. Mostly, it’s Livia Soprano. Livia was never happy. She could not be made happy. She enjoyed misery too much. Livia married Tony’s father, Johnny Soprano as a way out of her unhappy childhood. Johnny made a decent living as a mobster, but, it wasn’t enough for Livia. She really didn’t think through the implications of being a wife and mother, either. She had no motherly instinct, comparing babies to animals. Livia was constantly angry that Johnny was not making enough money for the family. She was critical of him until the day he died. She forgot she hated him and basically turned him into a saint. Her goal in life was to make everyone as miserable as she was. Tony needed that therapy.

Gemma Teller-Morrow

Look, if I’m being honest here, I love Gemma. What I love most about Gemma is the reason why she was not a good mother. She’s powerful and she will do anything to keep that power. She is manipulative, cagey, mistrusting, and not in the mood for anything you have to say. It’s her way only. For Gemma, everything was a means to an end. I respected her for this, but it still left her lacking in many other ways. The worst thing that ever happened to Gemma was Tara. Tara saw through her and challenged the mom. The fight over Jax Teller went on for the entire series of Sons of Anarchy, and nobody won. The power Gemma craved is what ruined her.

Betty Draper-Francis 


Because looks are not everything they appear to be. Betty was born into wealth. She was spoiled from the start. Her family came from money and sent her to Bryn Mwar College. She had a degree in anthropology, but was modeling when she first ran into Don Draper. He bought her the fur coat she was modeling and her life changed. Betty cannot be anything less than perfect. She is insecure in her relationship with Don, who constantly cheats. She does not know how to tend to her children. She often ignores them, only to give them attention when they are not perfect themselves. Even after Betty leaves Don she is not happy. Her relationship with her daughter, Sally, is always strained. Betty seems to feel like the jilted woman who was tricked into a marriage and family, even though that’s always what she was supposed to be and do.

There they are, my 5. What about you?

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