The Stares: Side Effects of Being A Supernatural Fan

So I’ve made it pretty well known to the world that I LOVE fandom t-shirts. Seriously about 95%  of my daily wardrobe consists of t-shirts – geeky t-shirts. Even my almost 3 year old daughter owns multiple Harry Potter t-shirts. I work at a fairly casual office so its super easy for me to dress t-shirts up enough to wear to the office most days and so 9/10 days you’ll see me rocking a fangirl t-shirt. I should probably have insurance on my wardrobe for the small fortune I’ve spent on them over the years.



(I’m also now embarrassed at the number of selfies I take in said t-shirts..)

That being said.. Most days I can walk around and no one even looks my direction. If they do they may just say “Man, that chick has some weird shirts.. what the heck is a Patronus?”.

Then there are the days of Supernatural outfit… 

unnamed (3)

(This is my “Really, people?” face)

Today it was gloomy and rainy in the greater Oklahoma City area so I was able to rock my sweet SPN scarf. I stopped for coffee this morning and it began. The Look. I did the dance with a lady at the gas station (you know the whole “we both need to walk and I cant figure out which way you’re going to walk so lets dance like idiots in the walkway” thing). She was friendly at first, then very blatantly stared at my scarf and gave me The Look. The “that girl probably worships satan” stare. Okay, there may be Devil’s Traps all over my scarf but I totally still love Jesus, people! I just also really like hot guys and angels and monsters. Not that it would matter – you shouldn’t judge me regardless- but ESPECIALLY not over my choice of wardrobe. Just walk up and ask.. Ask me “what the heck is all over your scarf?” and I would just explain it to you. I won’t even try to explain that the fandom actually really misses Luci.. that would be too borderline. But no. People just avoid your eyes and walk intentionally around you.

Buying SPN gear that isn’t covered in pentagrams is also next to impossible.

394atg-w800h800z1-36809-get-in-loser-were-going-hunting download


So not only is that anti-possession sign we’ve come to love pop up all over 85% of merch.. we have some even better merch that is covered in Devil’s Traps (like my above scarf).


If it’s not covered in symbols noone knows – it probably makes you look like you sold your soul..




I’m with Leah on this one when she said “There’s no way I could wear SPN merch around my grandma. She would think I joined a cult”

To be honest: I want to buy IT ALL. I want to wear all of it and get all the stares people have to offer. I’ve come to embrace the stares. Maybe people will google what the heck I’m wearing and become huge SPN fans and buy all the merch too (except the stuff/sizes I’m buying.. they can back off of that)!

Grandma – I may have joined a cult.. but its just the Supernatural fandom. I drank that koolaid with utter delight (you know, except when the writers kill off people, or the boys have hardships and I cry).

I say.. Wear it ALL THE MERCH with a smile on your face! Start a conversation with the next person that gives you the stink eye! Let me know how it goes!


unnamed (2)

PS- All photos of items should be linked to the websites to purchase because I love them all.

15 thoughts on “The Stares: Side Effects of Being A Supernatural Fan

  1. So agreed on all of this! I’m the same way with wardrobe – 90% fandom shirts. One of my treat yo’ self moments this year was a new SPN running shirt: “Run like Dean just saw you crash the Impala”. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha -yes! Currently trying to plan a geeky wedding and we want to include Supernatural…but how to do it without freaking the family out who ‘don’t get’ our fandoms? Lol
    Curious, how best do you go about dressing up your shirts for the work place -would love some tips!


  3. I hope you scooped up a Moose & Squirrel #alwayskeepfighting shirt before the Represent campaign ended!! I have the same problem with SPN merch, but THAT is perfection & I’m so excited to get mine. And it’s for a great cause, which is even better 🙂

    Just found your blog & love it!


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