Marvel’s Daredevil Series on Netflix and Why We Love It

Daredevil premiered on Netflix Friday of last week. As usual, we watched it within a week. There has been hype for the series for the last year including lots of rumors and even more hope that it wouldn’t suck as badly as the movie. I purposefully kept away from any and all Daredevil speculation. We’re here to tell you that the hype is real. The movie is long-forgotten. With this new series, Marvel has really given itself room to make EVEN MORE money. Stan Lee must be the richest man in America by now, right?

Seriously, though, the idea to begin a beloved-turned-underdog (because of the movie) comic series as a non-network or cable show, instead opting for Internet viewers was genius. I agree with a friend who suggested that Netflix should be the platform for all upcoming comic series, specifically Deadpool. I agree because we get to the root of Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk in an unhurried manner. It is episode 13 before they even acknowledge and fully understand who they are: hero and villain. It takes an entire series to form the characters and we get to know and understand part of the love both men have for Hell’s Kitchen. I appreciate that we were not give 2.5 hours to meet, understand, and form an opinion on the cast, then watch as they ruin/save the city. In fact, I think this may be an integral reason that Daredevil (2003) did not do so well (just one of many, mind you). I have not read the comics. I know that the movie did nothing to make want to read them. After watching this series, though, I would really like to go back and see how the comic stands aside the series. Other comic series coming to Netflix should be at ease seeing the sheer number of people who watched and loved Daredevil. I, for one, am excited to see how all of these shows turn out.


When I began the series I had no idea Charlie Cox was going to be playing the main character. I am a Charlie fan. I loved him on Boardwalk Empire and a few other movies he’s been in. I have no idea if he lives up the DD expectation, though. I feel like he did a terrific job. The entire cast made me happy, particularly Vincent D’Onofrio. He’s always been a fantastic character actor and he didn’t let me down with his portrayal as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. We don’t even meet him until episode 4! Foggy and Karen are also fantastic. Casting did a great job, in my limited opinion. 543d737b536e8


The action sequences were amazing. We were given the Parkour style fighting like we saw in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I was entertained entirely by those fast-paced, action-packed moments that left the audience breathless. Here is one of my favorite fight scenes. One continuous shot. Russians don’t like to give up, man.

This one scene was better than the entire DD (2003) movie!

Still, it ended too quickly. We have just gotten to see Matt fight as Daredevil! We leave Fisk in jail, staring at the wall in his cell, which eerily resembles Rabbit in a Snowstorm. Foggy and Karen have no resolutions. Karen has a secret. I want to know what it is. Does Foggy’s family own Fogwell’s Gym, or is that just a coincidence? What about Vanessa? Now that she’s alone, how will she fare? Is she actually as crazy as the man she has agreed to marry? Who is Matt’s mother? What about Stick? Is he gone for good? Will Matt and Claire (Rosario Dawson is amazing!) be able to become romantically paired? What about Father Lantom? Obviously Matt needs him. His good, old-fashioned, Catholic guilt needs him. What about Gao?! Why do her people blind themselves??? What about Potter? Is Betsy going to be okay? Will Matt be able to keep the city and its residents safe? I guess we will have to wait a year to find out.


Thanks, Netflix.

P.S. Thank you, Matt, for finally getting a suit.





3 thoughts on “Marvel’s Daredevil Series on Netflix and Why We Love It

  1. I agree it’s an excellent series that makes me pretty much forget about the movie. Unlike you, though, I knew nothing about Charlie Cox before this show so had no expectations on how he would be, but I am very satisfied by his portrayal. I knew all the other actors except the guy playing Foggy, who is very accurate to the comic book version of Foggy.

    There’s a lot of stuff from the comic books in this show so if you haven’t read them, you will have many questions, but it’s not necessary to read them. Reading the books just adds an extra thrill when you guess stuff like Madame Gao’s role in the series. And reading the books doesn’t mean there won’t be surprises either.

    I’m confused about Vanessa. I don’t like Ike her. She’s a complete cipher to me. I have no idea what her motivations are for attaching herself so readily and easily to such a man as Fisk, but he’s a great villain, who is as complex,on the show, as he is in the books.


    • Thank you! This gives us another person to be nerdy with!!
      Boardwalk Empire is where I first saw Charlie. It’s a great series.
      Vanessa completely confuses me. I want to want to like her. I think this is possibly how she feels about Fisk? I absolutely love the depth this series allows us with each character. I don’t want to wait a year….


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