HTFG Talks Harry Potter – Sirius Black

HTFG loves Harry Potter. We’re fangirls(women). We love lots, actually. So, from time to time you will see an in-depth character description. Or ten.


Spoilers ahead if you live under a rock and haven’t seen/read Harry Potter!

My first love is Harry Potter. This is something just about anyone who has known me for longer than 5 minutes knows. It may come up in conversation. It could be the Gryffindor Quidditch water bottle I carry every day, or my key chain/lanyard, or the T-shirt I am wearing, or any of the items of jewelry I wear. Basically you can’t miss that I’m proud to be an obsessed Potterhead. That being said, as much as I love the Big Three, my favorite character is NOT one of them. Unfortunately he doesn’t even make it to the end. img-thing (1) Sirius Black was the late godfather of Harry Potter, he was James Potter’s best friend. Sirius was friggin awesome. I realize that Sirius had flaws, like all of us, and we will get to those later in the post since they shaped the entire man. I won’t go into all of Sirius’ back story though, because I would think if you’re reading this, it’s likely you already know it. If you don’t – check this out.

Black Sheep of the Black Family SourCherry Sirius comes from a LONG line of pure-blood wizards who have their own supremacist ideologies. They despise muggles, muggle-borns, squibs, blood-traitors and/or anyone who is not just like them. But Sirius was different. He didn’t agree with many of his family’s views. He was sorted in with Gryffindor and he hung pictures of muggle girls in bikinis on his walls. At 16 he moved in with the Lily and James Potter and was blasted off the Black family tree by his mother. He fought against Voldemort with the Order of the Phoenix and ultimately lost his life protecting the sanctity of others – pure blood or not. I love that Sirius was rebellious to his crappy family. He had an extremely volatile relationship with his mother and his cousin Bellatrix – both of which I completely despise. He was the tough Black. The only one strong enough to stand up to them early in life. I think he would have been pleased to find out that his brother, Regulus, eventually did the same.



We have many loyal characters in the Harry Potter series. Characters who are loyal to their ideals, some good, some terrible. But to me, the most loyal was Sirius Black. Sirius loved James, Lily, and Harry. When Lily and James were murdered, the first thing Sirius did was search for Peter Pettigrew who he knew had betrayed his best friends. You all know what happened, the rat framed Sirius and he was arrested and thrown in Azkaban without trial. Sirius thought Peter was dead. Once he discovered he wasn’t, he escaped, sought him out again, and exposed the truth. Even after all of that, Sirius showed extreme loyalty and love to his godson and his friends. He died trying to protect Harry and the rest of the DA.



The thing I admire most about Sirius Black is his emotional strength. I know some will argue that Sirius was damaged by loss and by Azkaban – and I would 100% agree with that. However, I feel that most others would not have held up nearly as well. Sirius spent 12 YEARS in Azkaban. Most wizards go mad by then, but Sirius was able to resist the emotional torture of the Dementors. I think that suggests he was pretty friggin strong. So yeah, he got out and maybe was a bit reckless, a bit of a hot head, and maybe viewed Harry as James more than he should have, but all in all I think he made it out pretty well. He was strong in his convictions and for taking the convctions of others to heart. After sitting in Azkaban for 12 YEARS, Sirius got the opportunity to kill Peter Pettigrew in the Shrieking Shack, but he did not because Harry asked him not to. Harry didn’t want his father’s best friends to be known murderers. Sirius used self restraint and let him live. He also had some big cojones to pull off many of the things he did, i.e.  busting out of Azkaban (the only known person to have done so without aide), breaking into Hogwarts, breaking into the Ministry of Magic, -hell just opposing He Who Must Not Be Named in general!

Side note: He was also pretty tough physically and I liked that too. He punched Douchious Malfoy in the nose. One million points to Gryffindor!




Fun Fact – I painted canvases of this print and one other quote that are hanging in my daughters bedroom. She is so lucky to have such an awesomely nerdy mother.

I would say probably 89% of my favorite Harry Potter quotes are from Sirius Black (the others mostly by Albus). Sirius taught us many things: He taught us that the world isn’t black and white, that we all have good and bad and its our choices that define us. He taught us to judge a man by how he treats his inferiors, not his equals, that there are things worth dying for. Anyone can overcome their upbringing if their convictions are great enough. Family isn’t always blood. And that sometimes, risks are worth taking.

sirius_black_quotation_by_tohneeghie-d5r89jg The-once-that-love-us-never-really-leave-us-harry-potter-30988532-500-206 Flaws


Needless to say, Sirius Black wasn’t perfect. He was flawed in many ways. I will say that his flaws helped him to become the good man he was. Sirius and James were (at times) bullies and troublemakers in school – Sirius even putting a fellow classmate (Severus Snape) in what could have been mortal harm. But I believe they both greatly redeemed themselves after leaving Hogwarts and kept up the redemption until the day they each died. After his escape from Azkaban, he made rash decisions that could have ended his life, or his freedom even earlier. Due to his capture as a young adult, I believe his 12 year imprisonment stunted his emotional growth leading to Sirius, at times, seeing Harry as more of a buddy than a child he was to protect. He also inevitably felt trapped in his own home at Grimmauld Place. He felt imprisoned again when he was unable to be out helping the Order. He hid his emotions in drinking and in the few times he was able to be out of the house in his Animagus form. Due to his early life in the Black family, the loss of his best friends, and his long, emotionally torturing imprisonment at Azkaban, I believe most of Sirius’ flaws were psychological but he was all in all a pure man who loved his friends wholeheartedly.

Gary Oldman


I couldn’t leave out the wonderful man who portrayed Sirius in the Harry Potter films. If you don’t like Gary Oldman, I don’t like you. Kidding – of course (sort of). I couldn’t picture anyone who could’ve done a better job playing my favorite character. If you can, let’s talk about it. Gary has inspired many actors and many consider him to be their idol.

Basically, Sirius Black is everything I could ever want in a friend. He is who I hope I can be (minus the crazy) to my friends. Loyalty is not an easy trait to have and find. Friendships are difficult to maintain. Sirius taught me that some things in life are worth fighting against all odds for, even if the outcome is death. One day I will marry a man who will allow me to name my son Sirius.

RIP Sirius Black. sirius_black_by_cirogiso-d6s26oz

PS – I Siriusly hope you enjoyed this post.. If not there is something riddikulusly Ron with you.

(You knew it was coming.. at least I made it until the very end………)

4 thoughts on “HTFG Talks Harry Potter – Sirius Black

  1. I always think that the reason Sirius didn’t go bonkers in Azkaban is because he just held on tight to all his memories of growing up with James, lily, Remus and Peter and they kept him sane. I also think that he probably spent his Time in there hopeful that he would get out one day and see harry agian. I do love Sirius Black.


  2. Sirius Black nearly got a fellow student killed or turned into a werewolf at best. He had 12 years to try to break out of that prison for his godson. He only tried to get out in order to murder someone that used to be a friend. The books suggest that he was horrible to peter which probably lead to him betraying his friends, since he wasn’t an equal. After he reaches adulthood he is still a remorseless jerk to Snape which makes me wonder if James changed. But hey he’s handsome and rich. He must be a wonderful person. Gotta love those good looking bad boys huh? It’s sad to see how shallow some women can be. The guy can be a freakin mass murderer but it’s cool if he looks good and you want to jump his bones.


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