Flesh Eating Friday’s, Week 5 : The Best of ZA Shelters


So by now you should be pretty comfortable with the fact that the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. You know a bit about weapons and gear you might need and how to get around but where do you stay? Next week we’ll go over realistic ways to seek shelter just in case you didn’t have time to build (or take over) one of these shelters. For now we’re going to show you what you should start building NOW to save your arse later. If you don’t want to build, or are not a Do-It-Yourselfer, we have options for you, too!

First of all, here is how to properly build a panic room. This is a great idea because you can build this room into the place you want to be (or already are) when the ZA hits:


In fact, here is how you can just go ahead and zombie-proof the home you are currently in:


Looking at a more mobile option? Try this:

school-bus-conversion-into-mobile-home-3 school-bus-conversion-into-mobile-home-5

There are some obvious negatives to this shelter, but hey, to each his own.

ZFC-1 Zombie Fortification Cabin


Lucky for you, the people at TigerLogCabins have done all the hard work for you. You can just BUY your zombie proof bunker! This bad boy even has a 10 year zombie free guarantee. It has bedrooms, a gym, a weapons storage area, AND even has a living room with an XBox (because what else are you going to do while stuck in your zombie proof home?). It’s fully reinforced and has an escape hatch and a garden area. You would be SET in this!

500_MAINExterior 03500_MAINGarden 02Lounge 01Weapon Room 02.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more money…

Blast from the Past?

This beauty remind you of anything? That 90’s movie with Brendan Fraser? Okay its not the same house but it IS however a totally normal house on top with a bomb shelter underneath. Built by Jerry B Henderson in 1978 this shelter has EVERYTHING you need. It even has an outdoor grill!

Have even MORE money than you know what to do with?

Check out this Zombie Stronghold! I’ll never be able to afford this, but a girl can dream, right?


How about the BEST Zombie proof house ever?

That house needs no explanation. When I win the lottery/Publishers Clearing House THIS will be my first purchase.

zombie-house-2 zombie-house-3 zombie-house-4 zombie-house-5 zombie-house-6 zombie-house-7 zombie-house-8 (1)





Zombie proofing insures these dudes can’t come through your windows..

So start saving your pennies ladies and gents and let us know what you build!

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