The 8 Reasons We’ve Been Sherlocked

Look, we know the game has been afoot since 2010. No, we did not have to suffer through the aftershocks of The Reichenbach Fall. Well, we did suffer, but not for the years some of you did. We do know why you waited, though. Falling in love with Sherlock and the Fandom was not something we anticipated. You don’t happen to Sherlock; Sherlock happens to you. Let us count the reasons, together, that we are sitting, with bated breath, waiting for series 4:


1. Benedict Cumberbatch – Is perfection. Has he ever made a mistake? We doubt it. I’ve seen him play everything. I knew he was perfect when I watched August, Osage County. As Okies, we could not believe he was actually playing a fellow Oklahoman. It was surreal. He did an outstanding job. No one else could have made an autistic, highly-intelligent, throwback Victorian English gentleman so modern. So, his acting was intriguing but, honestly, at first, we were not sold on the Benedict Cumberbatch bandwagon.. then we were Sherlock’d. We are still pretty sure it’s a combination of the voice and eyes. It also helps that he not only a good man, but also a philanthropist for many different causes. He also loves his fans. He’s a feminist. He hates that his female fans call themselves “Cumberbitches” and wants it changed immediately.


2. Mark Gatiss – Benedict Cumberbatch would not have been able to portray Sherlock Holmes without Mark Gatiss. Mark is the ultimate fanboy; He is winning at life, people! BBC’s Doctor Who, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series, and horror movies were his major loves as a child. Gatiss has managed to not only write for and act on Doctor Who, he has also completely remade (with co-creator Steven Moffat) Sherlock for a new generation of viewers, while also honoring the intelligence and voice of the original books.The remake has been written by (in part) and co-stars Gatiss. Just when I thought he could not get any cooler, he decides to portray Mycroft Holmes. Gatiss, who is a comedian, is portraying the stiff, conservative Mycroft perfectly. Who says being a fan can’t pay off? Certainly not Mark.

3. Sherlock: Smart is the New Sexy – Honestly, smart has always been sexy. Sherlock is a show for thinking people. It’s a show that you must watch and pay attention to in order to really be involved, but, it never feels like you are having to commit. With only 3 episodes a season, and each episode lasting between 60-90 minutes a lot is thrown at us. It never feels like it is enough, though. Sherlock makes us ask why. Then, we think.

4. Jim Moriarty – Moriarty is portrayed by Andrew Scott. He happens to be our favorite villain ever. This is a big deal for us, considering it is hard to like villains. Moriarty has flare and style, though. His musical tastes are hilarious and we love to see him in a crown. He’s deliciously evil and we will never look at apples the same way. Plus, those one-liners were possibly the best in the history of history. Every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain. He’s ours.

5. The Women of Sherlock – Whether it is Molly Hooper, Irene Adler, Mary Morstan, or Mrs. Hudson, women are appreciated in this series. All have quirks and tricks that keep us guessing and laughing and hoping. While the Women of Sherlock are co-stars, you know they will always be an integral part of the world of Sherlock and Watson. Take Irene Adler (AKA The Woman), she’s a dominatrix who is so cunning she nearly gets herself killed. She’s clever and tough, but has a soft spot for the indomitable Sherlock. Then we have Molly Hooper; Molly is overlooked quite often in the beginning. She’s sweet, quiet, and mousy. Molly is loyal, though. She always comes through for Sherlock and only has his best interests at heart. Plus, she’s saved his arse once or twice. Mrs. Hudson is the den mother for Sherlock and Watson. She is more, though. She is family. She loves the boys and the boys love her, whether they want to or not. She’s also hilariously attracted to all the wrong men and tends to make some silly decisions that we are always interested in hearing about. Lastly, we cannot forget Mary. Fun-loving, mysterious, witty; She is definitely Watson’s better half. She never once complained about the close relationship between Sherl and John. She even encouraged the friendship. So you see, there is not a woman on this show who isn’t amazing. 


6. Sherlock & John Watson – The friendship shared between Sherlock and Watson is quite possibly the sweetest, funniest, and most meaningful partnership to date. Watson is the jelly to Sherlock’s peanut butter. Or, as we prefer, The Sherlock Holmes to the other’s Madonna.They are lost without each other. Go ahead, ship it. Whether you view them as just best friends or if you’re of the JohnLock variety, we can all agree their dynamic as flatmates and bff’s is perfection. Watch The Sign of Three. You will have all the feels.

sherlock john drunk

7. Anglophilia – As in, we are Anglophiles.. we can admit it. We live across the pond. We get Brit Envy all the time. It just seems like the UK is our spirit animal. We hope to visit live there one day. Sherlock is set in and around London. London is beautiful. We love you, England. One day we will visit you and return to the States even more envious than before.

8. Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington – Because, the fact that Watson and Mary are life partners IRL is the best! It really makes me feel like Sherlock and Watson are in London, solving mysteries right now.


Come on hiatus. Hurry up and be OVER. Yeah, yeah, you Brits get your Christmas Special in December… and then Series 4 probably in 2016.. likely long before the rest of us.

Lucky all of you. Think of us when you’re watching..


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