Flesh Eating Friday’s, Week 4: On the Road to Safety

FEFanimatedLogo Happy Friday! Let’s get back to it. By now you have come to terms with the ZA. You have your gear packed and your team is ready to get moving. The best place to live during a ZA is in the middle of nowhere. I live in the city. Well, the suburbs of the city.  I would be in trouble. Time to get a move on. You could drive a vehicle as long and as far as you can get, i.e. car, motorcycle, bicycle. We already determined horses were out. No matter what you choose, though, you will be on your feet before you know it. Walking while it is light out, then setting up camp in the evening will be your best bet until you get to an acceptable place to more permanently habitate.

Camping is not fun. It will be significantly less fun when zombies are out there ready to eat you. Luckily, we have the Internet. The information superhighway has lots and lots of ideas and hacks for a post apocalyptic world.

First things first, weapons! Make sure you find the weapon that is most comfortable for you to use, but learn how to use all available options. Also, be prepared to get creative.

This has some great multi-use items. These are so practical and there are several options to choose from.


A katana (like Michonne from TWD uses), sword, or any knife would be fantastic, too. You just have to keep it sharp. A sharpening stone would do. Remember, the longer the blade the further away you can stay.

If you can’t find a long blade though, a hammer would also do a fine job. A hammer is light to carry, never needs sharpened, and can totally bash a zombie skull.

Guns and firearms are great if you have NO OTHER OPTIONS. You really don’t want all that noise attracting unwanted attention. Obviously, a silencer would be great as well. Save the bullets for bad situations.

Or, you could get all badass Daryl with a crossbow, or really any bow – even a DIY bow. Great option if you can keep your arrow supply, or learn how to make arrows.  Turns out, a rusty chain can also do the trick.


Here are some hacks to help you while you camp/survive

Make your own stove

Make your own armor

Open a can without a can opener

Make your own thermal glasses

Make your own air conditioner

Your own fishing hooks

And many others, thanks to Buzzfeed!

Next week, we’ll talk about the ideal ZA shelters. Happy Friday!

What do you think? Let us know!

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