How to Fangirl: How to Survive Hiatus

The Dreaded H-Word

We wish our favorite shows could be on every day of the week 365 days a year… The problem is the freakin’ actors and writers and show runners INSIST on throwing us into a mild panic and depression at the end of every season with the horror that is HIATUS. (shudder)

We just began this horrible process again with the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead. October can’t come soon enough -am I right?!


Some shows have normal breaks.

Then there’s us poor Sherlockians/Holmies:


We have lots of empathy for all of you because boy do we have it BAD! Hell, we don’t even know when series 4 is going to happen. I mean all we DO know is that the UK is getting a Christmas special, followed by season 4. A Christmas miracle! For the Brits. UGH!!! The Good LORD only knows when we (Americans) will get a time frame. This Fandom seriously has it the worst and we aren’t quiet about it… Damn you, Benedict Cumberbatch, for being such a fantastic actor that we only get a season every 43 years. Also, BBC, just because we are “across the pond” doesn’t mean we aren’t alive. You cut us and we BLEED. BBC America is great, don’t get me wrong. Also, don’t ever take that channel away.

Some shows leave us in the middle of a KILLER cliffhanger.. and some are a bit nicer to us, but, either way we can all agree. Hiatus sucks.

So how do you cope?

1. Rewatch your favorite show from the beginning!

One of my best coping mechanisms is to revisit my favorite shows and remember the earlier times.You know, back before there was the stress of that most recent cliffhanger. Even if you don’t want to watch all of the seasons, watch your favorite season. Or, watch your favorite episodes. You can be reminded of the episodes when your favorite couple is happy, or when the team is laughing! Just fall in love all over again.

2. Find a NEW show!

Netflix is a precious gift you shouldn’t take for granted. It’s $8.99 a month. You can find that in the COUCH. You have zero excuses for not having Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix, go sign up right now and then send us an email to thank us. There are so many amazing shows/fandoms to join in via Netflix. Watched it all? Doubtful. But, if SOMEHOW you have, then try a movie. Maybe a different genre, something out of your norm. Try something new!! If you need some direction and suggestions, email us! (Also, Netflix will learn what you love and give you suggestions. Sometimes the suggestions are hilarious, too.)

3. Seek companionship

Go have a beer with your girlfriends. Or maybe you NEED to talk about your fandom. Hit up Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook.. or hey! Hit us up! We’re ALWAYS down to fangirl. Talk it out! Get the sadness and general sulkiness of hiatus off your chest and let’s joke about it! (Check out the link earlier in the post to see how the Sherlock fandom deals on Tumblr!) Sadness sometimes just brings straight up hilarity and bonding! Then, you can make new (awesome) friends. Nerd friends are the best friends.


Spring is upon us; Science has proven sunshine does WONDERS for moods and general health. Go soak up some of those rays*! Go for a bike ride, hit the park with the kiddos, go play putt-putt, read a book on the beach! Whatever sparks your fancy, just get out there! Get active! Enjoy the beautiful world around us! Distractions are great for dealing.

*Don’t forget your sunscreen. We nerds really burn.

Again, we want to be the best, coolest fangirls there are to be. Here’s how we deal (on a good day). Good luck to all of you!


What other hints do you have for surviving the dreaded hiatus? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “How to Fangirl: How to Survive Hiatus

  1. Oh Sherlock! Ugh SOOOO frustrating. It’s just such a good show and kind of turned me on to Cumberbatch. I never saw the appeal of him before…until Sherlock. Then I wanted him in my bed. Stat.

    As for coping mechanisms – definitely Netflix. In fact, just a month ago I started binge watching Parks and Rec. I had seen a few seasons here and there but decided to rewatch it in it’s entirety. I love how they’re only 20 minutes and I can watch 2-3 episodes at a time and not feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time, haha.


    • Oh my gosh it’s so funny you say that about Benedict. I felt the SAME way. I never understood why people were so head over heels for him. Then I watched Sherlock… SOLD. IN LOVE.
      I need to check out Parks and Rec! That sounds like a fun in between show!


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