How to Fangirl: How to Separate Fandom from Reality

We all know, as fangirls/fanboys, we tend to take things to the extreme. When big things happen in our favorite books or tv shows it can be devastating. The truth is, it’s easy to let these things seep into our real lives. The key to avoiding this is learning how to enjoy/love/obsess over the things and characters we love but to remember its JUST a show/movie/book etc.


For Example:

TWD season 5 finale was last night and we were all warned by Norman Reedus to keep our tissues handy. We can’t lie, our anxiety was a bit high. We also know we had a full 90 minutes to revel in either beauty or devastation. There was a good chance one of our favorites were going to die. (We had bets and were prepared for the worst) Thankfully, though, no one of importance died. BUT, what if the worst had happened? How would you handle one of our beloved dying? Will you stop watching? Will you rage on Twitter? Will you fight with your friends or send crappy emails to the writers and Scott Gimple?


Simply put, No.

Being a fangirl/boy means we take our entertainment seriously. We commit. We love hard. We fan hard. We nerd hard. Passion should be our middle names. We should also know that when someone dies, or a series ends, that it isn’t a personal affront. There is SO MUCH to be thankful for. Face it, someday The Walking Dead will end. Daryl may die. We will mourn silently and move on to the next amazing Fandom.

Just remember, we are taking the negative “Fangirl” connotation and trying to make it positive.

What do you think? Let us know!

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