Flesh Eating Fridays, Week 2: Preparations

The End is Nigh

Last week we discussed the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse. You should have really gotten yourselves together since then. You probably didn’t though, so, this week we will continue forward to have a plan of action prepared for when the big day comes.

Even Shaun had a plan.

First things first, an emergency kit. When I say kit, I don’t mean some cheap, dinky little pack. You are going to have to spend some money to stay alive. Here is an itemized list of what you will need. But also remember rule #7..



A Great Pack – You need something that can hold all of your gear and will last and stay remotely dry.


First Aid Kit – This kit should contain gauze, bandages, disinfectant, pain relievers, gloves, etc. You really want the best kit for your emergency. I found some great options online.


Blanket – For when it gets cold. Emergency blankets are a lifesaver and don’t take up much space!


Mask – For your face. In case of sickness, blood, etc. If you don’t have masks handy, at least have a rag or something to cover your face in case of smoke, blood, or general yuck.


Weapon(s) – I really like these multi-tool options. They do more than 1 job. Also, your basic Swiss Army Knife. (We will go into weapons in-depth later)


Compass/Maps – For directional purposes.


Flashlight/Glow sticks – To maintain light for as long as possible. We recommend a crank flashlight so you can still see long after the batteries have eroded.


Extras – Duct tape, Gas siphon, Water filter, batteries, 550 cord, etc

canned food and water

Water & Food – Bottled and canned will be best. Or Twinkies.

If you can’t remember everything, don’t worry. There’s a charm bracelet for you.


Next on our ‘Preparations To-Do’ list is amassing your entourage. This is pretty important. Being alone in the midst of the ZA would be a bad idea. Friends will be the key to survival. Lone wolf never works.

Next week we will explore who our Dream Team would be and why. Until then? Start thinking about your own!

Don’t know who you can trust? Don’t know who you need? No worries. Here’s a list.  I hope you have a photographic memory, though. Possibly, you also need to get rid of and/or add more people into your circle.


Good luck until next Friday!

We're coming to get you, Barbara!

We’re coming to get you, Barbara!

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