The 10 Best Things About Supernatural Season 10 (so far)

Supernatural is on its 10th season! How crazy is that?! Season 10 has been amazing so far! We’ve had some super highs and some deep down lows (pretty standard for the show we all love) and I think we’re in for more as the season continues.

In honor of the show’s return, I thought I would showcase the 10 BEST things season 10 has given us so far!

Keep Leah in your thoughts, poor girl is only half way through season 8 so she won’t have any input on this post and she isn’t allowed to read it. She still has to deal with so many deaths, Metatron (the villain I’ve despised the most), and many more tears before she’s able to comment on season 10.

1. Deanmon


Okay. We all half died when seeing this at the end of the season 9 finale. However HOLY MOLY was I NOT disappointed at all by Demon Dean in episode 1 of season 10! There was so much awesome in this that it made all the pain of “Do You Believe in Miracles?” fade away.

tumblr_nbz0s3uc5q1rhm4bao1_400 340dbbfe33456ddb5a11c6c1d26e78f3.jpg tumblr_nd3wcmka7Y1s8l4eao1_500

Okay yeah. Deanmon is kind of a huge dick but you have to admit the beginning was pretty amazing. The Crowley/Dean bromance may be my favorite bromance on the show. Even if it was a bit one-sided:


Dean as a Knight of Hell was pretty heart breaking though I will admit. Plenty of moments to made me ache also.



Let’s just all be thankful we finally got our “Soul Survivor” back at last.



2. Sammy grew a huge pair


I’m actually really proud of Sam this season. For a season or two (particularly season 8) Sam drove me FREAKIN’ nuts because he was being a selfish, whiney brat. However I think he’s finally got his groove back. I feel like the old “I love my big brother more than life” Sammy is back. And thank goodness because Dean really needs him now, probably more than ever before.

He has busted his ass this season to not only cure Dean’s demon soul but also to save his butt a couple times too.


3. Castiel and Crowley are show regulars again!


WOOT! Two of our faves are Series Regulars this season! None of that “guest star” crap. We’ve got them fulllllll time baby!!!

tumblr_nhavldkIou1u1b421o2_500 tumblr_m9k3u6GLt41qhmwjh

4. Supernatural: The Musical!


If the 200th episode of Supernatural wasn’t immediately bumped into your top three episodes EVER, you are a nutcase, no offense, but really. “Fan Fiction” is seriously the best. It’s a huge shout out to the fans and I am okay with it in every way.

The boys stumble upon a case at an all girls school that is doing a performance of “Supernatural: the Musical!” First off, the music is super fun..


The boys aren’t too impressed at first. Of course any episode tied into the Supernatural books usually makes our Winchesters pretty uncomfortable but this one is just precious.


But they also reference the “Samulet”, the “BM scene” (boy melodrama), Destiel, the “single man tear”, and even poor forgotten Adam.



We also get to see Chuck again.. which is hopeful to many of us who still think theres a cool chance Chuck is God.


If you’d like to see only the musical part of the episode, here ya go:

5. Monster In Law – Rowena


We meet a rather crafty witch named Rowena this season. At first she seems like our typical, bodily fluid spewing witch. Until we find out she’s Crowley’s mom..


We find out that Rowena abandoned Fergus (Crowley) at the ripe age of 8. He’s obviously still bitter but Rowena insists that she wants to be a family and that he can trust her. We’re shown her bullying him several times after and honestly it makes me want to punch her. No one messes with my King of Hell. However she should make the rest of the season (maybe more) pretty interesting!


6. Catching up with Claire (Novak)

So we first met Claire Novak the first time we met Jimmy Novak who happens to be Cas’ meat suit. Claire is Jimmy’s young daughter he left behind to become Castiel’s vessel. The last time we saw her she was with her mother after Jimmy decided to stay Castiel’s vessel for the rest of his life. After Hannah decides to return to Heaven to spare her vessel, Cas starts wondering about Jimmy’s life. He looks up Claire and finds she is in a solitary confinement room at a juvenile center. Claire has had it pretty rough after her mom abandoned her. We get to see Cas try to make up for stealing Claire’s father from her. Claire is angry at first and doesn’t trust Castiel or the Winchesters. However we do get to see her leave to start her life over after some hurtful events and she agrees to let Cas keep in touch.

I for one, am excited to see what’s to come in that relationship.


7. Charlie’s Return from Oz!

Dean Winchester is my all time favorite fictional character but Charlie? She’s probably my spirit animal (minus the lesbian thing – I like dudes). I freakin’ adore this chick so much! Watching Charlie leave for Oz was pretty devastating. (I actually wasnt a fan of the “Oz” story line anyway but that’s another story). But… WE GOT CHARLIE BACK!! Well.. Sort of..


Whaaaaa? What the hell happened to Charlie!?

We find out she’s trying to track down the drunk driver that hit and killed her parents when she was a kid. Charlie felt at least mildly responsible because they were going to pick her up from a slumber party.


We’re pretty sure Charlie has just lost her damn mind. Maybe she’s possessed…? Something is NOT right here. Until…

“What’s Up Bitches!?”


We find out there was a war in Oz and Charlie ended up splitting herself. Good Charlie and Dark Charlie. Dark Charlie ends up killing the dude that killed her parents. Sam and Good Charlie start working on a way to put herself back together. They find the Wizard and the fight begins. Dean (under the influence of the Mark of Cain) and Evil Charlie have tough to watch fight scene and Charlie gets pounded. Of course what ever happens to Dark Charlie also happens to Sweet Charlie.


Good Charlie kills the Wizard of Oz. Dean goes too far because of the Mark but Charlie isn’t completely mushed and they are able to rejoin the two Charlies. Dean of course beats himself up over this. Charlie – because she loves him- forgives him and decides to make sure she helps them get rid of Cain’s mark on Dean.


Charlie leaves us for Tuscany to find a book and “keep digging” which is why we adore her SO much and hope she returns to us soon!


8. Teen Dean

How AWESOME was this episode?! Dean gets hexed and turned into his 14 year old self and it. is. awesome.


I have to give Dylan Everett a HUGE shout out on this one. He was insanely perfect. If a crap kid had been cast, this episode wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing as it was. Dean and a few others are cursed by Hansel (yes – from Hansel and Gretel) to feed the old witch.

We see Dean go through puberty..


And also see his chance of music do a slight 180..




They save the day as usual.

I seriously will never get over what an amazing job Dylan did. His mannerisms, his speech.. all Dean. I thought I would be really sad watching an episode with very little Jensen but I was really wrong. It was SUCH a fun episode and ended on an AWESOME note.

9. The Return of Cain’s Beard

I don’t think this truly needs anything but a picture but I’ll give a little description anyway.




I mean come on now, look at that thing!!

I have really enjoyed Cain and the story line but I’m super ready to get his stupid Mark of my Dean’s arm.

Timothy Omundson, I know you get this all the time, but the thing is glorious. You win.

10. Team Winchester is BACK!

I’m happy to see that our Winchesters are on ONE team.

We have seen our boys break up and get back together more than a 16 year old couple and I’m so happy to see them working together towards a common goal instead of secretly being pissed at each other!


This season has already been a helluva roller coaster but I can’t wait to see how it wraps up!

What has been your favorite part of season 10? What are you looking forward to for the rest of 10? Tweet us @HTFGTweets or leave us a comment!!


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