Flesh Eating Fridays – Week 1: Acceptance

Welcome to the newest HTFG series.

Flesh Eating Fridays

Zombies. We know all about them. We’ve seen The Walking Dead, we’ve possibly read the graphic novels from which the show came. Night of the Living Dead is the first zombie movie I remember. I was very young and thought it was incredibly scary. As I have gotten older that fear has caused me to watch any and everything zombie-related. Sure, Zombies make for fun stories. (See Shaun of the Dead)

In my opinion, though, it’s all fun and games until your favorite Aunt Agnes has you cornered in your Nanna’s house looking to snack on your brain. I don’t like surprises. I don’t like being unprepared. So, I’ve taken all of the zombie culture and lore available and condensed it into sections to help all of us get a plan together.


First things first, if you think that there is absolutely no chance of a Zombie Apocalypse (heretofore ZA), then check out this Cracked article. Basically, people, it can happen. Sooner than you think.


Need more science? ‘Because, Zombies’ won’t do it for you? Okay, then how about this – the latest research out of Cornell University. Cornell has quite a bit of zombie information to be looked over, analyzed, obsessed about. Of course even HuffPo got on the bandwagon.

Basically, according to Cornell’s research, the virus probably won’t spread as quickly as it does via fiction. Living in more rural areas would be a plus with The Rockies being best, but, eventually the world would be overrun with the living dead. Because, science.

Having a plan for the ZA is not superfluous. In fact, preparing for this sort of pandemic is actually practical. Basically, anything you do to prepare for this situation will virtually cover you in any other emergency situation.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is a global organization. When the CDC has a plan for ‘In Case of Zombies’ I feel we should, too.


I suggest you read up on their recommendations for preparedness.

Obviously, you know the basics. You need supplies: water, food, flashlights, batteries. But what happens if you run out of supplies? What do you do for weapons? What should you carry in a bag? What kind of vehicle will help you get out and away from a horde of zombies? (Suggestion: NOT A HORSE)


Seems like such a great idea…


until it isn’t.

You should probably choose a Hyundai Tucson instead.

You should probably choose a Hyundai Tucson instead.

What are the key tips to staying alive? Who will you trust? Where is the best place to hide out? Will hoarding small sponge cakes with fake frosting be enough to survive?


It’s time to wrap your brain around the chance that a ZA can happen. Then, come back for more updates. We will do our best to aid you in surviving the most bad ass way possible the world can go out. (Unless of course the outbreak happens tomorrow, then you’re all screwed). So get your basic emergency kit together. We can expound on this more later. Flesh Eating Fridays? Yes, we can!

Happy Friday the 13th! 

3 thoughts on “Flesh Eating Fridays – Week 1: Acceptance

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