33 Hottest Men from the Hottest Fandoms

So we know one of the reasons we’re all fangirls is because of the SMOKIN’ hot men in our fandoms. Even some of the fandoms I’m not a part of have some pretty attractive dudes. We thought we would give you a wonderful countdown full of beauty to enjoy.


33. David Tennant 

Chosen by Leah

Dr. Who and Harry Potter are probably how you know this guy, but you should really check out Broadchurch as well. Season 1 is available on Netflix now, while season 2 just began airing on BBC America. Scottish by birth, Mr. Tennant has mastered every other accent available. Who doesn’t love a killer accent?


As the 10th Dr. Who

32. Jason Mamoa

Chosen by Leah

Khal Drago was beautiful. Mamoa made Game of Thrones just a little better. Next up, catch him as Aquaman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Jason Mamoa


31. Matt Smith
Chosen by Caitlin
You and I both know the Eleventh Doctor. Did you know he originally wanted to be a footballer? Whovians appreciate your decision, Mr. Smith.
The 11th Dr. Who
30. Josh Hutcherson
Chosen by Caitlin
Josh is just downright adorable. He is the PERFECT Peeta and I cannot read The Hunger Games without picturing his perfect little face. We all owe Katniss a debt of gratitude.
29. Mark A Sheppard
Chosen by C&L
This guy is in like every cool show ever. Firefly, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13.. etc etc etc.. Recently? He is none other than the demon-turned-King of Hell (AKA Crowley) on Supernatural. With his “Hello darling” and always attractive accent, we say the King of Hell is sexy as hell. (Just don’t eat his tailor)
 28. Sam Heughan
Chosen by Leah
Are you people watching Outlander? If not, then why?! Sam is actually from Scotland, so playing Jamie Fraser (a Scot) may not seem like a huge stretch. You would be wrong, though, as the Starz drama is based on a series of books under the same name.  Book 1 in the series (titled Outlander) was first published in 1991. Trust me, choosing the wrong James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser would have been catastrophic to the Starz network and fangirls everywhere.
Jamie Fraser
27. James McAvoy
Chosen by Leah
First of all, McAvoy is on every fangirl’s list. He’s beautiful. He’s Scottish. He also plays the greatest of the X-Men, Charles Xavier (the younger). Luckily, there will always be X-Men movies.
Charles Xavier
26. John Boyega
Chosen by C&L
John is new to fandom and fangirls alike. He has been cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we know virtually nothing about his character, except that he will be playing Finn. Best get on the bandwagon now, girls!
John Boyega
25. Steven Yeun
Chosen by C&L
Steven is best known for his role on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Glenn Rhee started out as a fun character who really developed into a stand-out. Steven is also hilarious. Watch any interview or panel of TWD cast and Steven is probably the one making you laugh. Never die, Glenn.
24. Alfred Enoch
Chosen by Caitlin
So Alfred is all over the place now.. He’s currently starring in the latest Shonda Rhimes’ hit, How To Get Away With Murder, but before that he played Dean Thomas in every Harry Potter movie. He even did a cameo in Sherlock! Remember the hot Queen’s Guard that got shanked with his own belt? Yep. That’s him.
Alfred Enoch
Alfred Enoch HP
23. Theo James
Chosen by Leah
Hello, Four! Divergent fangirls everywhere squee’d when they found out Theo would be playing the role of Tobias. Insurgent will be out very soon!
Also, Theo can sing.

Four, Divergent

22. Chris Pratt
Chosen by Leah
Come on! How easy is it to love a funny guy? It’s incredibly easy. Chris Pratt finally gained the acknowledgement he deserved after his role as Peter “Star Lord” Quill in Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy. If we are being honest, though, we remember him from his Everwood days. Plus, there’s that whole Parks & Rec gig.
Chris Pratt
21. Nathan Fillion
Chosen by Caitlin
What is NON attractive about this guy?! Let’s start with Captain Mal. Everything about Captain Mal is drop dead gorgeous. And Castle? Adorable. But Nathan himself is hilarious and a super nerd himself. He is pretty much all around irresistible. I swear by my pretty floral bonnet you will always be shiny to us Captain!
CASTLE ep.#201
Captain Mal
20. Matt Cohen
Chosen by Caitlin
We’re pulling a huge Hunter card here and adding young John Winchester to our list. Not that Jeffery Dean Morgan isn’t a handsome man but LOOK AT MATT COHEN! How presh is he? Spin off please?
19. Andrew Scott
Chosen by C&L
Honey, we love to see you in a crown. Andrew Scott as Moriarty might be one of the hottest and most uncomfortable crushes ever. I don’t normally go for the villains (especially when they’re trying to kill someone as beautiful as Sherlock) but you can’t NOT think Moriarty/Andrew Scott is insanely sexually attractive.
18. Robert Downey Jr
Chosen by Caitlin
RDJ has been around for awhile, and apparently he won’t be going away any time soon. We love Iron Man. We love The Avenger’s. We can all just sit around and collectively fan ourselves while he entertains us.
Iron Man
17. Chris Pine
Chosen by Caitlin
By far the hottest Captain Kirk there has been and probably the hottest there will ever be. Look at those eyes. Swoon.
Captain James T. Kirk
16. Colin O’Donoghue
Chosen by Caitlin
How could you NOT be hooked on this guy? (See what I did there?) He is downright sexy and is another attractive man with a perfect accent. Thank you ABC for picking this guy and not some weirdo with curly hair and a twirly mustache. I’ll oogle me some O’Donoghue any day.
Once Upon a Time
15. Liam Hemsworth
Chosen by Caitlin
Of course Gale is on here. Where else would he be? IRL Liam is Austrailian. Could he be any more perfect?
14. Daniel Radcliffe
Chosen by Caitlin
I will be the first to admit it feels weird to add Harry Potter to this list. We’ve practically grown up together (even if he doesn’t know it).  The boy who lived has grown into one hot piece of ass.
Harry Potter
13. Tom Hiddleston
Chosen by Leah
If the Cheshire Cat were real, it would have Tom’s smile. Probably his eyes, too. I never thought Loki could be such an attractive villain. Who’s ready for more? We know all of you Hiddlestoners are!
12. Tom Felton
Chosen by Caitlin
You may love to hate him as Draco Malfoy (or just love to love him if you’re a Slytherin) but Tom Felton is awesome. He has totally also grown into himself in a downright pretty way. He is also totally cool and loves his dog and his long time girlfriend Jade and shows them both off constantly. Way to go Tom for being so much cooler than the character you’re known for.
11. Andrew Lincoln
Chosen by C&L
Well hey there sheriff! I just love watching him every Sunday. Beard or no beard. Southern or British. I don’t even care. To me, Andrew, you are perfect.
Rick Grimes
10. Michael Fassbender
Chosen by Leah
Guess who the HOTTEST villain EVER is? This guy! Michael plays a fantastic and dastardly Magneto. He can use his magnetic powers on me any day.
Magneto X-Men
9. Matthew Lewis
Chosen by GOD

The term “Neville Longbottomed” exists because of this guy. I mean.. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Who saw this coming? NO ONE! He is BEAUTIFUL! Matthew Lewis, you (by far) win the Ugly Duckling Award every year for eternity because you sir blossomed into a beautiful friggin swan.

8. Misha Collins
Chosen by C&L

Not only is Misha beautiful but he is one of THE coolest people on the planet. I think his extracurricular activities speak for themselves. Check out GISHWHES and RandomActs.org. He is also hilarious and totally down with the fans. Last year he handed out coffee to campers at H Hall at Comic-Con. Misha – We FREAKING ADORE YOU!!

(6.5) 7. Chris Hemsworth
Chosen by Caitlin
Chris, brother to Liam, (listed above) is probably definitely the most beautiful Thor ever. He’s going to be everywhere, all the time. Thank goodness.
6. Chris Evans
Chosen by Leah
This is our 3rd Chris. We know. Also, you should know that it was mostly a tie for the number 6 spot. We fought over which Chris was hotter. We decided I won only because Evans is such a great guy. (Not that Hemsworth isn’t) Chris plays Captain America. He gives back. He is a bit neurotic. He has anxiety. He loves his dog, North. He is the best.
Captain America
5. Norman Reedus
Chosen by C&L
Norman is a total bad ass. He’s an odd duck and that’s about 90% of why we love him. Aside from being gorgeous, he LOVES his fans. He released a whole book of fan art he loved. If you aren’t following him on social media, you should.
4. Charlie Hunnam
Chosen by Leah
When Sons of Anarchy had it’s final ride this past year, we all wept. Jax Teller was a mean, motorcycle riding, gun toting, pristine white-shoed beauty who will be missed. Charlie, however, has a huge career in front of him. Next up, the horror film Crimson Peak. Welcome back, Charlie.
Jax Teller
3. Jared Padaleki
Chosen by Leah
Gilmore Girls. Supernatural.  A big deal. Jared makes you wish monsters were real and the end of the world was nigh. If you haven’t seen his wedding photos, please do. You’ll weep not only because he is (very happily) married, but because he was extremely excited to be doing so.
2. Benedict Cumberbatch
Chosen by EVERYONE
I don’t even know that BC needs a description. I will be the first to admit I didn’t see myself ever being attracted to him. I’d seen all the hype all over the interwebs and just thought “eh”. Then I watched Sherlock. Boy howdy was I wrong. I have a full-blown obsession with Benedict now and I don’t see it fading any time soon. (Leah was right) Everything about this man is beautiful. Those eyes. UGH. I can’t. I just can’t.
1. Jensen Ackles
Chosen by C&L, however, IT SHOULD BE CAITLIN!

If I could chose the love of my life, it would be Jensen Ackles. There is no way he couldn’t be our #1. This is a perfect man. His eyes. That jawline. That contagious smile?! I’m dead. Theres a reason he’s often compared to Rapunzel and its not because of his awesome hair. Those eyes are mesmerizing. Scruff or no scruff? Doesn’t matter. He also plays Dean Winchester who is probably the sexiest fictional character in the history of fictional characters. So congrats Jensen. You are the king of hotness!


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